SADAF AURANGZAIB, Senior Correspondent
July 17 - 23, 2006

Adam Motor Company (AMC) - a manufacturer/assembler of automobiles was established in 2001 by its founder and current CEO Mr Feroz Khan. Until recently, ACM's product portfolio included CKD assembly of two truck models and one jeep. It has now launched its own entry level car called 'REVO' in the mainstream passenger vehicle market in Pakistan. The car was launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in April 2005. With the introduction of REVO, Pakistan has joined the elite club of 16 countries of the World who are original manufacturers of cars.

In order to sustain this technology gain in the future this venture must have to prove itself as a commercially viable and successful project having chances of ample growth. For this to become a reality, a stable policy environment is a necessity since neither the auto industry nor its vendors can afford to make investments unless they continue to see good growth prospects for indigenously manufactured automobiles. Let us share the views of Mr. Feroz Khan (FK) on his invention and its success.

PAGE: Tell us a little about the story of Adam Motors, how it started & what major upheavals did you face regarding its operations in Pakistan.

FK: Adam Motor Company (AMC) was established in 2001 and introduced its first Chinese truck in the Pakistani market on March 7, 2002, followed by a jeep on November 20, 2003. The manufacturer has years of experience as the CEO of Omar Jibran Engineering which started its operations in 1990.

PAGE: Recently your company has launched the first Pakistani car by the name of REVO. How successful is your invention, what is the market response, and have you started giving Revo on lease?

FK: Revo of Adam is the hope and desire converted into reality of a man who wanted to give dignity to his country, earn respect for himself by proving to the world that in addition to the atomic bomb, Pakistanis can also make other complex products e.g. their own car. The Revo car project was conceptualized some 5 years ago. It has passed through the various stages of idea - to preliminary assessment, to concept, to its development, testing, trial, production and launch. Regular deliveries are now being made into the market and customer feedback is extremely encouraging. It has been liked by our customers. We have a first 100 Revo Club that enjoys special privileges. We also conducted a customer survey by a third party to asses their response and MashaAllah the response has been good and we are really grateful for their continued support. It is available on lease and till now has a steady growth.

PAGE: Where from this idea originated in your mind?

FK: The idea originated about 16 years ago upon my return from the US. I used to feel very depressed whenever I saw a husband, wife and their three children on a motorbike. The sight made me want to do something about it like to provide them with a car that suited their pocket and yet a owner's pride.

PAGE: What about fuel consumption, engine power and capacity of Revo?

FK: 14 km per liter in 800cc and 150km per hour in 1050cc because of EFI engine.

PAGE: What properties do you think give Revo an edge to other cars and what makes a common man purchase your car while there are so many other options available in the market?

FK: Revo is the first Pakistani designed, styled and engineered entry level car. Adam Motor Company - makers of Revo - has been most concerned about the safety standards and we are proud to say that ADAM Revo exceeds the safety standards featured in comparable vehicles plying on the roads of Pakistan today. Revo has been designed conforming to the EU standards of safety. Basically it has been designed for Pakistani consumers with Pakistani conditions in mind. Therefore, it has large passenger cabin and luggage space. It has extra strong suspension. It has enhanced cooling system and is competitively priced. It has better features on low cost. The point is that all cars that we Pakistanis drive are designed and manufactured by those living in places suited to their own environment and needs and not ours. So what we drive is at best a compromise. We accepted the challenge for designing a car for Pakistani conditions keeping in view large sized families, dilapidated roads, sizzling hot summers and limited budgets.

PAGE: What price structure do you follow regarding your invention?

FK: It is the least expensive car available in Pakistan today with prices starting from Rs2,70,000 for a Revo 80 STD to Rs440,000 for a REVO 105iS+ in attractive and trendy colors. It is least expensive car in its class and category making it best value for money.

PAGE: How many cars do the Adam Motors produce annually & what is your sales target in a market like ours?

FK: Last year 500 units and next year we plan 4,000 units.

PAGE: Being an indigenous company how do you face the fierce international competition in the car market?

FK: Keep cost low, profit low, continuous improvement and excellent after-sales services.

PAGE: How do you see the impact of imported cars on the local industry?

FK: Used cars' import is a very short sighted and unappropriate strategy.

PAGE: Is our local industry ready to face the repercussions of the globalization?

FK: Not totally, China and India are formidable challenges.

PAGE: Do you think that vendor industry's future is safe?

FK: Yes, contingent upon commitment to enhance capacity and capability.

PAGE: What future do you see for the car market in Pakistan?

FK: Very bright.

PAGE: How much is it important for a country like ours to be self sufficient in the automobile industry?

FK: Extremely value addition in a country can only come from manufacturing base. I still feel that the government should formulate a favorable automobile policy for the local manufacturers so that more people can think of investing money in this sector. Pakistan has the fastest car production and sales growth in the world with 45% increase in production every year over the past three years.

PAGE: What would be the next invention from your side and when will you bring it out in the market?

FK: An eight-seater family van.