Exciting features of QQ, brand name for Chery car poised to grab the market share soon

July 17 - 23, 2006

China's automobile sector is though a new entrant as compared to the automobile giants yet the Chinese vehicles being manufactured in technical coordination with some European countries are coming up fast to catch up the pace of vibrant auto sector.

At present the Chinese automobile industry is focusing on the product quality to carve a respectable place globally hence they are not running after profits or money making. In this endeavor, they are in line with the leading vendors of the Western countries like Germany, France and UK and most of the parts used in Chinese vehicles are made in Germany. Though these components have increased the cost of production, yet a Chinese car is far superior in terms of quality if compared with most of the automobile units produced elsewhere. Despite having far superior components, the Chinese vehicles are highly competitive in the face of high prices of the established makes around the world.

Abdul Wahid, the Chief Executive of Chery Automobile Company, which has recently introduced 'Chery' - a Chinese car with the brand name of QQ - cited the salient features of Chery which he says are matching to highly priced luxury cars plying on the roads in Pakistan.

Chery which denotes success in Chinese language offers exciting features which include power steering, air conditioner, central door locking system, power windows, power outside rear mirror, manual sunroof, CD with 4 speakers, front and rear fog lamps, keyless entry, light ally wheels and rear windscreen wiper. All these features are exciting with an 800cc engine at a highly attractive price of Rs4,89,000. The company offers factory fitted CNG facility at a nominal additional cost.

Abdul Wahid is a known business leader and the Director Pakistan China Business Council of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

Currently, they are importing Chery in CBU form and so far have imported 7500 units yet the market response was highly encouraging to establish an extensive assembly unit at 100 acres of land near Port Qasim.

Initially, the plant would be running in a single shift to produce 10,000 units in a year but our production target is to produce 50,000 units when the plant will go into production with double shifts.

Abdul Wahid observed that they are actively involved in setting up an assembly unit for which they are in touch with Sindh government, Board of Revenue and the Board of Investment. As soon as we got a green signal for allocation of land, they are passionate to set up the unit to produce Chery within Pakistan.

When asked about his views about the quality of Chinese products which is generally not in favor, Abdul Wahid remarked with a smile on his face that to some extent you are right, yet objectivity demands for looking into the factors which contributed in developing the misconception about Chinese products, particularly in Pakistan.

You know! There is a 'khepya culture' in our system besides a number of unscrupulous traders. The prime objective of these elements is to earn profit by hook or crook. These people visit China and bring the cheaper, rejected and dumped stuff at a throw away prices to mint money in Pakistan. This is one of the major reasons responsible for creating a misconception about the quality of Chinese products in Pakistan.

By the way, Abdul Wahid came out with a remark that Chinese products are seen all over the world and posing a threat to many developed countries. Why these products are so popular even in Europe and the United States? He questioned and quickly answered as well that they are competitive even in the choosy markets both in terms of quality and price, because there is no 'khepya culture' in the United States and the European countries where genuine and quality products are available in the market.

Commenting on the influx of a series of different makes of cars being imported into Pakistan, he expressed his fears that if this trend of aimless import was not checked soon, it might turn the country into a global junkyard.

He said that these used and re-conditioned cars are being imported by the profit makers without any vision and guideline and in the absence of any policy to look after the interest of the buyers after sales. The spare parts of most of the cars of different makes running on our roads are not readily available in Pakistan. Hence some of the customers are running from pillar to post seeking for some parts of the car they had imported. He strongly suggested for setting up a Regulatory Authority to check the influx of imported cars under fake certificates which could be obtained from corrupt officials at customs stage, or clever clearing agents operating without any values or norms. This Regulatory Authority besides taking care of the customers in delayed delivery cases can also allow imports of recognized models under a uniform policy, so that the customers are not hoodwinked by the cheats.