ASAD WAHID, Director Operations
Pakistan Chery Automobile (Pvt.) Ltd

June 26 - July 02, 2006

When the Chery 'QQ' car was first commercially introduced in Pakistan towards the end of last year, it was not merely a formal introduction of a newly introduced vehicle in Pakistan. In actual fact, the pompous display of Chery 'QQ' car was the beginning of an era of Pakistan automobile history offering such unique mind boggling features and amazing quality that were once considered as a dream for local customers.

In addition, where the traditional showrooms solely offer to its visitors a traditional display of static cars, the showroom of Chery company offer potential customers to 'Experience the Revolution'. A revolution in terms of offering excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable staff, extensive test driving facilities and most importantly offering to customers the QQ car at a revolutionary low price for an unprecedented high quality fully imported car with amazing features and highest reliability! The QQ cars are always available for ready delivery with no waiting periods whatsoever!

Furthermore, unlike other companies who want to simply dump into the market as many vehicles as they can to make the most profit, the philosophy of Chery company is to import relatively small quantities of cars for the first year in order to ensure that the level of high quality of customer service and after sales service remains one of the best in the industry. However, the people of Pakistan have embraced the car with open arms and all shipments arriving into Pakistan have been sold out in record times. In fact, quantity wise, our firm has sold more cars within a span of six months then several competing companies have sold in an entire year.

The Chery QQ boasts the world's best German engineering and workmanship. In fact, it ranked # 1 in the globally prestigious J. D. Power Initial Quality Study for 2004 which ranks all the cars of the world for their reliability and safety. The QQ offers the largest interior space, the most luxury and safety features and most importantly it offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry viz a viz a 50,000 km/ 2 year warranty (whichever comes first). Additionally, keeping in mind the philosophy of 'customer first', a large amount of spare parts were already imported into Pakistan even before the arrival of the first batch of the QQ cars. These parts are widely and easily available nationwide and for customers who are using these cars in far flung areas of the country, we have even put in place a system of guaranteeing availability of spare parts any place in the country within 24 hours!

The Chery QQ car is also rated one of the most safe cars in its category with all the safety features that are found in premium/ upper category cars. These include: Side-Impact Door Beams, Collapsible Steering column, reinforced impact front & rear bumpers, Reinforced Passenger Compartments, Side impact door beams on all four doors, 3-point ELR pre-tension seat belts on front and rear seats, High Mounted Brake Lamps, Rear Fog Lamps and an entire line-up of additional security safety features that easily make the Chery QQ the safest compact car on the roads! Additionally, the Chery QQ is the only car that boasts of a Dual Overhead Cam Multi Point Electronic Fuel injected engine system with 12 valves in its category in Pakistan. Hence, the Chery QQ delivers the most power and best fuel efficiency in its class. In short the Chery QQ allows its owner and passengers to travel with the utmost safety and class that is simply unmatched and is sure to get recognition and praise from everyone.

With regards to consumer finance, it is a matter of great pride that all the major financial institutions are offering consumer financing on highly competitive terms to customers. Such banks include United Bank Limited, Bank Al-Falah, Saudi Pak bank, Orix Leasing, Standard Chartered, Faysal bank, Prime Commercial Bank, Soneri Bank, NIB Bank, Al-Baraka Islamic Banking, CSD Stores department and a host of other institutions. Furthermore, other banks are also to begin financing/leasing facilities to their customers for the 'QQ' car shortly. Auto financing and leasing facilities are attributed to one of the highest sales figures for the QQ car and now more than 90% of all our customers are obtaining their cars through some sort of a bank facility. We have extremely knowledgeable staff at all our showrooms who assist the customers in obtaining car financing in such a way that the customer faces no inconvenience and gets delivery of his dream QQ car within a matter of one or two days. Additionally, since we are the only company in Pakistan that offers immediate delivery of cars to our customers, they and the banks end up being extremely satisfied with this transaction. One of the biggest initial reservations that banks and customers had about the QQ car was its potential resale value. While anyone who understands and knows a little about cars knows the moment they look at the 'QQ' car that it is simply the best value for money and that with the number of extraordinary features and high quality that this car is in fact highly undervalued, Pakistan Chery Automobile (Pvt) Ltd has undertaken to buy back from the financial institutions any cars that come in for repossession at a predetermined price subject to standard depreciation of the car. This bold move has given to the banks the confidence of offering aggressive financing solutions to its customers.

The future for Pakistan Chery Automobile (Pvt.) Ltd is InshaAllah very bright, the company is all set to introduce an upgrade version of the QQ which boasts automatic transmission, anti-lock braking systems and sun-roof as standard features. Furthermore, the company is also set to introduce Right hand drive 1600 cc cars and a 4x4 SUV (jeep) shortly. These cars are currently undergoing extensive reliability trial and testing and soon thereafter they shall be introduced in Pakistan with much fan fare to the general populace. Additionally, work is under process to set up a CKD assembly plant in the province of Sindh for which the company is under final stages of getting its plans approved by the government at the highest levels. Let us all pray that Allah may continue to shower His blessings on the Pakistan Chery Automobile (Pvt.) Ltd in its quest to bring the best automobiles at the lowest price to the people of Pakistan.