Featuring Lahore's architectural skyline

Apr 17 - 23, 2006

High-rise building with their in-built shopping malls, offices and residential apartments has come up in the most prestigious sections of the city and may well constitute the most visible feature of Lahore's architectural skyline. Many construction companies and commercial corporations are engaged presently in building multi-purpose commercial complexes while Government and development agencies are doing their bit, too, in giving shape to the projects and plans, having special interest in resolving the problems with regards to Lahore's development and its beautification and has a very close eye on different dimensions of such matters. Establishment of Parks and Horticulture Authority speaks itself. Private developers are engaged in building Commercial Centres in the city. The name of Rafi Group is, by all accounts, the most distinguished and well known. It has introduced, earlier some magnificent commercial arcades and housing schemes very successfully.

Empress Tower, at Empress Road, near Shimla Hill, Rafi Group's modern architectural venture, is yet another trail-blazer in the realm of land development. Centrally located, in the financial district and hub of airlines' offices and travel agencies, at the intersection of important roads - Empress Road, Davis Road, Egerton Road, Abbot Road, Durand Road - it will, no doubt, is the most prominent high-rise building of its kind on Empress Road and its adjacent areas.

It is the first serious attempt to provide an office-cum-commercial and residential facility in this part of the city. No such facility, in this category and magnitude, exists there at present. Its select ambiance and proximity to several key points in the city will be most advantageous, both from the customers' and traders' point of view. As a case in point, Empress Tower is close to the railway station, wagon/bus stands. The railway station is, in fact, the main entry point for the traders/customers who come to Lahore, for business and trade, from distant parts of the Punjab and they would surely welcome the presence of a trouble-free and spacious commercial centre so close at hand to meet their business requirements. Moreover, Empress Road and its neighborhood is rapidly coming up as a vibrant financial district with tremendous potential for growth and as such Lahore is a fast growing city of the 21st Century at a time when the world trend is towards a free market economy.

Launching of Empress Tower had received a very warm response by the buyers. It was noticed that reputed retailers purchased shops and prestigious corporation bought offices to expand their business. As terms and prices are very attractive - it became a life-time opportunity for people who are keen to have their own living place in the posh locality of the city. The prices of shops, offices and apartments are appreciating rapidly.