June 19 - 25, 2006

Rafi Group is a distinguished name in real estate development. It can claim the distinction of having added some exquisitely modern buildings to a city renowned for its time-honoured historic architecture. The Rafi Group has now completed its latest project, the DEFENCE SHOPPING MALL and has inaugurated its Anchor Retail Departmental Store / Supermarket the NEW TES MART.

DEFENCE SHOPPING MALL is located in the Main Boulevard of the Defence Housing Authority (D.H.A.). It is the first serious attempt to provide a single-purpose facility of such magnitude to this part of the city. This shopping mall is reserved exclusively for shopping. No such facility exists there at present. It lies at the entrance of the Defence Housing Authority. This Society is the largest, latest and most organised housing complex in Lahore. The location has several key points like Cavalry Grounds, Super Town, Walton and Cantt. in its immediate vicinity and is on the gateway to Defence Society. The DEFENCE SHOPPING MALL comes close to the highest international standards and exudes an aura that is perceptibly very modern.

The DEFENCE SHOPPING MALL has been conceived as a "one use only" complex; a shopping mall with a large number of shops under one roof - a bazaar of the 21st century. A spacious six-storey atrium integrates all the floors including that for basement parking. The atrium also houses escalators and a big glass capsule lift to bridge the height. Numerous voids and skylights provide ample visual access to the upper floors to make shopping convenient and enjoyable in a well-lit and ventilated environment. The basement floor is reserved for parking. Plenty of outdoor parking- space is available on the ground floor on all three open fronts including a parking lot located on the rear of the building. In view of its location, pleasant surroundings and an almost drive-in like facility, the DEFENCE SHOPPING MALL enjoys a definite edge over many a shopping arcade in the city.

One of the essential requirements is an anchor store in these shopping malls. Anchor store is a phenomena used by the developers in the west to attract customers, for instance in U.K., most shopping malls are having large units of it like Marks & Spencer for clothing, W.S. Smith for stationery and other household items, TESCO or Sainsbury as large supermarkets and other well known multiple stores to attract the maximum traffic and the biggest beneficiary for this concept are the hundreds of small units/shops within the shopping mall. So far this concept has not been utilized by the shopping mall developers in Pakistan and as the time passes this will become gradually more important in the determination of success or failure of a mall. Rafi Group has announced its first anchor store the NEW TES MART (a Departmental Store / Supermarket), which is developed and being managed by Mr. Bashir Ahmed, who possesses a lifetime experience internationally in retail stores. It consists of trading-activity area of 15000 sft., in the Defence Shopping Mall. The mall is thus a fine composite of shopping, recreation and pleasant environment.

The young men and women, who wish to go into retail business after completing their studies, can begin their enterprise in the Defence Shopping Mall. A very good reason being, that New Tes Mart is already functional there and attracting a large number of customers which is raising on daily basis thus its adjoining retail outlets will definitely benefit very much. Here they can find everything in accordance with their expectations and bent of mind. Capital cost of starting the business over there is designed to be very low. The shops are of reasonable size and perfectly suited for individual business. They can be obtained both on ownership-basis, profit-sharing basis, a deal to suit their needs is being offered, or on rent. It is an ideal spot for conducting retail business; few credible retail names have already started their outlets there. It is a fine place for setting any kind of retail outlet. One can do business even with less capital. This Shopping Mall is most suitable for conducting business in innovative products.