June 12 - 18, 2006

Roma Group of Companies was established in 1984 and started its I.T Business from Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. In short span of time group started its outlets / offices in Singapore, Hong Kong & UAE. In 1989 Roma Group opened its first outlet in Karachi, Pakistan and now they are the leaders in I.T Hardware and Software in Pakistan. Roma Group of Companies hold franchises of the world renowned I.T Companies such as HP, Microsoft, IBM, Segate, Imation, Samsung and Oracle. Now Roma Group of Companies has its branches and offices all over Pakistan.

In 2002, the group decided to start automobile business after going into various studies the group decided to go into Chinese vehicles and signed technical agreement with one of the biggest company of China FAW (First Automobile Works of China).

Roma Automobile Company (RAC) was established on November 2003. It is a subsidiary of "Roma Group of Companies" a very well renowned name in the business circle involved in diversified business activities. RAC has entered into an agreement with First Automobile Works (FAW) of China on December 2003 for the local assembling / manufacturing of Light Commercial Vehicles, Commuter Vans and Passenger Cars in Pakistan.

China FAW Group Corporation commonly referred to as FAW due to its original name of First Automotive Works, broke ground for its first factory on July 15, 1953. Since then, FAW has been at the forefront of promoting China's automobile industry. Although FAW began life solely as a truck producer, it later expanded into the light-duty truck and car sector.

In 2002, Tianjin Automobile Industry (Group) Corporation was merged into First Automobile Group, and began joint venture production with Toyota Motor Corporation. At present, FAW's current production strategies put a heavier emphasis on the production of cars while maintaining our dominant position in the truck industry.

RAC has entered the automobile industry with long term objectives. It plans to offer the technology that is capable of producing high quality, reliable and economical vehicles for Pakistani customers. The company also conducts regular Service Campaigns, to facilitate customer's need for service. This will give the customers complete confidence in RAC's vehicles.

Currently Roma Automobile offers 2 different models "Roma Family Van" and "Roma Mini Truck" in wide range of colors with unique technical and cosmetic features.

Roma Automobile has a countrywide dealership network, currently having ten dealerships in the major cities of the country. All dealerships are constructed in accordance with the RAC standards to provide all the facilities required by the customers.

In the short span of one year over 1000 vehicles have already been sold and dealers network with after sale service have been setup all over Pakistan.

Simultaneously, the group started working on the CKD operations to setup the CKD plant. Roma Motor Company started its operations from July 2005 and submitted its proposal to EDB for approval of deletion program. The company has already imported jigs and fixtures and started local development of parts. To start the assembly in shortest possible time the group is planning to start contract assembly in some already established automobile plant. RAC also approached Sindh Government for 1000 acres land to setup its own plant in joint venture with FAW China.

Pakistan's automobile sector is surely better off than many other Asian neighbors including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. RAC is also planning to export FAW products into neighboring Asian countries. Signing free trade agreements with these countries is surely beneficial for the local automobile industry.

In order to work towards our dream to "let every Pakistani family own a car" we hold to our core value of "customer first". RAC is committed to meet the customer's expectations by offering good quality vehicles having value for money.

The power behind Roma Automobile is the excellent team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who are fully motivated to produce quality vehicles and to provide outstanding services to the customers to build strong image of the company in the automobile market.

RAC participates in different automobile exhibitions and show its presence in the Pakistan market with very unique style. RAC display its vehicles in the exhibitions in a very creative way.

RAC organize dealers conference on half yearly basis to discuss the problems faced by them and to improve the future sales of RAC and to concentrate on customer satisfaction and to provide excellent after sales service to the customers.


Mr. Mohan Lal (Chairman)

He is a qualified Civil Engineer and has vast experience in Trading and IT business.

Mr. Khadim H. Khoja (C.O.O)

He is a senior qualified Chartered Accountant and has rich experience in the Automobile sector. He played a pivotal in the establishment of Indus Motors, Master Motors, Dewan Farooque Automobile Adam Motors and Roma Automobile.

Mr. H.M. Rizki (Director Operations)

He is Marine Engineer by profession affiliated with auto sector since last 18 years & served renowned automobile companies on senior management level in Pakistan as well as abroad.

Mr. Azeem Khan (DGM Technical)

He is an Architect by qualification and involved in automobiles since last 27 years. His expertise is in automotive product design.

Mr. Hanif Panja (Technical Consultant)

He is a qualified Engineer by profession. He has an experience of 20 years. He has a specialty in Hydraulic Presses installation and maintenance of jigs and plants.

Other Team Members:

1. Mr. Asif Zeb (Manager Operations)
2. Mr. Farrukh Ahmed (Deputy Manager Sales)
3. Mr. Syed Saaduddin Adil (Asst. Manager Marketing)


In future other models have been identified for Pakistan market and samples are being imported for test and trial.

Some of them are:

* 1000cc Hatchback car 5-door
* 1300cc car 4-door
* Light duty: 1 Ton truck with 2600cc engine
* 2.5 Ton truck with 3200cc engine
* 4 Ton diesel truck with 3800cc engine
* Coaster: 29-33 Seats with diesel engine
* Medium Duty: 7 to 15 Ton truck with diesel engine