June 05 - 11, 2006

WE Financial Services Ltd (WE) is a Corporate Member of the Karachi Stock Exchange Guarantee Limited. Based in Karachi, it has been in operations since 1993 carrying forward and maintaining the legacy of its former equity partner, Smith New Court (SNC) of UK, which was taken over by Merrill Lynch USA in 1996. WE has the privilege of serving recognized financial institutions of Pakistan and similar clientele across the globe. With deep-rooted ties within the local financial markets WE seeks to expand its horizon of professional and business relationships, establishing itself as a growing entity.

WE caters to both the local and foreign, individual and corporate/institutional clientele through its specialized services of broking, equity research and corporate finance in a confidential and ethical environment, the significance of which is strictly upheld.

On the basis of profound trust earned and sustained over the years following the traditions of client confidentiality and professional attitudes, WE has embarked on a journey of further relationship building.

Introduction of the online trading system, WEonline.biz was the first of the latest steps in the application of our belief in the iterative process of self improvement bringing about technological advancement for the convenience of our clients. This timely movement was triggered by the major paradigm shift consequent to the advent of Information Technology whereby the outcry system was phased out in the recent past and now the substitute of traditional computerized broking is available in the form of online or internet trading. The focus is on the implementation of the concept of an Informed Investor where WE provides an online information portal to its clients to assist info-supplemented calculated decisions. WEonline.biz strengthens client confidence in WE by allowing them to execute their transactions in real-time.

Backed by over a decade of professional experience, WE has taken the next logical step into the world of mutual funds by establishing an Investment Advisory Company. WE Investment Management (WEIM) (formerly SISL), registered by the SEC of Pakistan and to be converted into an Asset Management Company will act as a financial advisor for a closed ended balanced mutual fund to be floated in 2006. This will enable WE to make significant inroads into the mutual fund market paving the way for a multitude of mutual funds - open and close ended, that will follow suit, to cater to increasing investment needs of a cross-section of investors.

WE has come a long way since its start as a capital market broking institution, diversifying its investments along the way. WE holds strategic and non-strategic stakes in a variety of sectors - the most significant being, the cement, steel (engineering), coal mining, mutual fund and media sectors. With a long and growing list of institutional clients, historic and pipelined transactions, value addition to products and services and expansions into the financial markets, WE sees itself poised for imminent growth and very healthy prospects.


Our primary role is to offer our customers knowledgeable, objective and trusted advice personalized to meet their unique financial needs and objectives. Our investment professionals work with our clients to establish and monitor their investment objectives and portfolio.

WE Advisors have no vested interest in any particular product. This ensures maximum objectivity and allows Investment Advisor to put all their expertise to use in helping the clients build the portfolio that best suits their needs.

When dealing with a WE Advisor, our clients gain three significant advantages:

* They obtain clear, straightforward information and explanations that shed light on the often complex world of investment

* They benefit from the objective advice of an experienced investment professional

* They enjoy access to the complete range of investment vehicles


WE believes in investing in its HR with emphasis on training and development of its Research department. WE has always recruited and groomed highly talented professionals who proved to be an asset for the investment community in general as these professionals are working in leadership positions across the financial industry.


With fast paced technologies making life simpler and changing how things are done, WE is equipped with the right tools to evolve with the changing world and its dynamics taking a completely proactive approach over the issue. WE believes that the current system being offered in the market is primitive in nature and advancement in communication technology has provided a whole new range of possibilities. We sees that five years from now online trading will be different from what it is today and is therefore working on different possibilities to offer next generation trading solutions that will offer intelligent tools to enhance investor's ability to make informed decisions.

WE has invested time and resources contemplating on tools for intelligent portfolio composition which will make investment management easier as theoretical models can be provided and hence, given basic inputs, an optimized portfolio can be suggested by the system. Numerous possibilities are being explored since the future of online trading system is bright, as it has eased the process of investment.

WE sees the investors will have intelligent trading platforms in future that will utilize knowledge from different domains that will suggest actions according to the market conditions hence making life simpler for an investor.