May 22 - May 28, 2006

The IBA's Muniba Mahmud and Asim Ali Raza have been selected by one of the largest multinational FMCG companies in the world to be among 32 students selected from all over the world to attend the European Financial Seminar at Geneva, Switzerland.The Institute of Business Administration is the only business school in the world to have two of its students accepted for this seminar.

The IBA was established in 1955 as a USAID financed project. A large number of Pakistani faculty members received advanced degrees from Wharton and the University of Southern California. Till 1994, the University of Karachi awarded degrees to the graduates. In that year the Sindh Assembly elevated the Institute's status to that of a degree-awarding institution. Inspite of a rapid increase in the number of business schools, the IBA has maintained its position as the premier institution of higher learning in the field of management and business administration. The IBA initially offered programs only for day scholars. In 1957, an Evening Program was started to cater to the needs of the numerous working executives and managers who were interested in furthering their careers through part-time business studies. In 1982, a three-year BBA (Honors) Program was introduced which has now been upgraded into a four-year BBA program.

The Center for Computer Studies was established in 1983 with the collaboration of IBM, Pakistan. It initially offered a diploma in system analysis to overcome a shortage of software professionals in the country. It now offers BBA (MIS), MBA (MIS) and BCS (software engineering) programs. In addition a PhD program in MIS/Computer Science and Engineering/ICT has been launched from August 2005.

Distinguishing features of the IBA are the induction of students through a systematic and merit-based admission process, training in a demanding academic environment, and on-time completion of study programs. Admission procedures, curricula, methods of instruction and the system of examinations at the IBA give it a unique position among leading educational institutions in Pakistan.

The IBA has established a Research Wing at the city campus. The purpose of this initiative is to playa key role in the development of industrial and financial sectors of Pakistan by providing useful research and evaluation guidance. The activities of IBA's Research Wing consist of both core and collaborative research to provide help to the federal and provincial governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. The interaction of researchers, business and industry is necessary and important for new ideas to develop and to be implemented. The Research Wing undertakes projects and assignments specific to a particular industry or organization. A broad classification of these research projects pertain to areas related to Strategy, Growth, Economics, Organizational HR Development, Marketing and Production Management.

The IBA has enjoyed the honor of being one of the top business schools of the country for last four decades. The main force behind this continuous success is the network of IBA graduates that hold high executive positions in the corporate sector of Pakistan. IBA graduates are known for their excellence and skills, outside the country, as well.

CEOs and heads of various functions including Human resources visit the IBA, interact with the students, conduct on-the-spot interviews and make job offers.

Multinational firms and professionally managed Pakistani companies hire IBA graduates with confidence because of the high level of professionalism instilled in them during their course of study.

The IBA libraries contain more than thirty thousand books on business management and related subjects. The libraries subscribe to more than eighty international and forty-two local journals and periodicals. Libraries at both the campuses are regularly updated with latest books and journals. Access to hundreds of IT related journals and even a larger number of business journals, through JSTOR, provide the students and faculty direct access to the work of the world community of researchers, thinkers, and practitioners. This important link makes it possible for researchers and students to work as members of this growing community.

The performance of students is evaluated through a system of continuous testing spread over the entire period of studies. In addition to the final examination given at the end of each semester, students are tested through monthly examinations, a series of short quizzes, class discussions, written assignments, research reports, etc., all of which contribute to the final grade.

To rate students' academic performance, the following grades are applied.




93% and above






















below 60%

The IBA was the one of the top institutes in the world four decades ago and it one of the most sought-after institutes today because of the diligent and committed faculty and management.