Students are required to follow the research guidelines developed by the academic colleges with strict supervision and external evaluation.

May 22 - May 28, 2006

Air Cdre.(Retd) M. Khalid Husain became the President of PAF-KIET in 2001 and ever since he has assumed presidency, the Institute has made tremendous progress in terms of academic excellence, infrastructure and research.

When asked he gave us the following information about his Institute. Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (KIET) was established in 1997 with the primary objective of providing high quality education of international standards and at the same time offers a safe, secure and disciplined environment to foster the primary objective.

The Institute offers Bachelor and Master's degree programmes in Business Administration and Computer Science and Engineering. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized the Institute in 1998 and Government of Sindh awarded KIET the degree granting status in 2000. In June 2000, a new campus of the Institute was setup on 22 acres of land at PAF Korangi Creek, Karachi in collaboration with Pakistan Air Force. The Korangi Creek campus of PAF-KIET, also known as the Main Campus, offers programmes in Bachelors and Masters in the morning timings.

The three Colleges of Management Sciences, Computer Sciences and Engineering have their own -purpose built buildings tailored for their respective requirements. The PAF Korangi Creek Campus offers BBA, MBA, BCS & BS, and BE degree courses. Besides public transport, transportation service arranged by the Institute is available from all major parts of Karachi to the Korangi Creek Campus for students' convenience.

The City Campus was established in the heart of Karachi near Nursery off Shara-e-Faisal. The City Campus offers Masters degree programmes for working professionals in evenings on working days and weekends. City campus also runs an internationally recognized Bachelor of Computer Arts programme that is designed to develop knowledge and skills for a successful career in Media production, Graphics design and Animation.

The City Campus also holds evening programme classes for MBA, MCS and MS and M.Phil Both PAF Korangi Creek and the City campuses are equipped with modern educational facilities such as purpose-built and airconditioned classrooms, engineering and computer labs, libraries, reading rooms and cafeterias. More than 50 classrooms are available in the two campuses with 9 computer labs offering 338 personal computers for students.

The two libraries have an excellent selection of textbooks and subscribe to local and international magazines/journals in Engineering, Computer Science, Management Science and other general fields. The Institute has two excellent cafeterias offering variety of food and beverages to students. One of the cafeterias is air conditioned while the others offers offer a large beautifully covered space with a garden environment.

The Corporate Relations department of PAF-KIET has very effectively established a close industry-academia relationship. The department helps students finding internships in the industry, which is an essential requirement of all morning degree programmes offered by the institute. Students get the opportunity to gain real work experience before they graduate from the Institute. Frequent guest speaker sessions are also held in conjunction with the academic colleges to expose students to the industry trends. Distinguished guest speakers are invited by each college in every semester to highlight developments and concerns of industry.

In 2002, the department of Research and Development was established to act as a bridge between the academic colleges and students involved in research for final projects and thesis work. At PAF-KIET, research is given the topmost priority and all students in degree programmes are required to undertake industry projects and bring them to successful conclusion. Students are required to follow the research guidelines developed by the academic colleges with strict supervision and external evaluation of the project before final oral presentations are delivered to the head of the college. The faculty of PAF-KIET is also deeply involved in research. The Institute is now regularly publishing their research work in the journal "Market Forces" which is issued quarterly.

In 2003, a new engineering block was developed at PAF Korangi Creek Campus. The pentagon shaped building has all modern facilities including full airconditioning, purpose-built engineering labs, classrooms and staff offices. Currently the first floor of this building is also being developed to add more facilities. The building also has a beautiful garden within the premises offering beautiful view from each room.

The City Campus has also seen its share of development in the last four years caters to the working students in evening programmes. The Programmes offered are MBA, MS Computer Science and MS Management Science. The MS programs are all of a very high standard and are thesis -based. Research is thus an integral part of successfully meeting the degree requirement. Recently a 4 year Bachelors in Computer Arts (BCA) has also been launched at the City Campus. Multimedia and Animation labs with state-of-the-art equipment are deployed for computer arts students.

The Institute has taken effective measures to ensure that an elaborate system of monitoring the progress of the courses is instituted. The system allows the academic department to ensure that class instructions are following the course outlines at a consistent pace. A system of peer review and external evaluation ensures the quality and consistency in the curriculum delivered during each semester.

Besides academic activities, students are fully encouraged to participate in extracurricular activates. The Institute has taken steps to motivate students in developing student societies, which manage the extra curricular activities. These student societies are responsible for event management in various areas. The Sports Society is responsible for the sporting events that are arranged in a semester. Debating society is responsible for arranging debates within the Institute and with the other colleges. The students leader for these societies are democratically picked through election for a years term.

PAF-KIET currently has over 2000 students enrolled in bachelors' and masters' degree programmes in the two campuses. The Institute has successfully held three convocations in the last three years. Around 750 graduates of PAF-KIET are currently employed in 64 Multi National and National Corporations and companies, and many others have chosen to become entrepreneurs.

The Institute ensures that Alumni are in close contact with their Institute where they have spent so many exciting years of their lives accumulating knowledge, skills and eventually a degree. To date well over 95 percent of our graduates have achieved gainful employment within a few weeks of their graduation. These graduates are today serving Pakistan and hopefully shall build a better future for the generation to follow.