By: SYED NABEEL IQBAL, Marketing Manager, KKI
May 08 - May 14, 2006

Khanani & Kalia International (Pvt) Ltd. KKI a trusted and most reliable name in the foreign exchange business sector of Pakistan since more than a decade recognizes and considers innovation as a key ingredient of success. Since its creation, KKI has been successful in exploitation of new ideas, incorporating new technologies, implementing human resource practices and thus showing outstanding performances in the business sector by using better processes. KKI has always kept its collective eyes and ears open to change and opportunities, and responds with the ideas that keeps them growing and enables to serve the best.

In the recent years, KKI has shown innovation not only in its business approach but in overall corporate culture as well. Some of the points which verify this innovation are discussed below:


Innovation is perfectly reflected in the Centralized Management System that is opted by KKI as earlier there was no such concept in the company. As of today, KKI has its head office located ideally at I.I. Chundrigar Road, which is called its Corporate Office. From here the working of all branches is managed appropriately and systematically under a single platform. All the Top Management and the Executives are posted at head office and the working is divided into departments. Departmentation is basically done on the basis of functions performed, knowledge, project, nature of work or the mixture of these components. The departments include Finance, Treasury, Marketing, Research and Development, Home Remittance, Human Resource, Administration and IT.


The basic objective of SBP to convert money changes into exchange companies was to promote a documented culture within the economy. KKI wholeheartedly welcomed the change and honored the objective by taking ISO certificate and in fact is the first and the only exchange company of Pakistan which holds this status. It is indeed a true reflection of the professionalism of KKI's management otherwise there was no such concept of such a status within this industry. But KKI sensed the need well before time and thus as of today, this ISO 9001 Certificate adds great value to the overall management approach of KKI.


In today's fast moving world, HR has emerged as one of the fastest growing and highly significant fields and has become the lifeblood of any organization. With growing awareness and significance of good corporate governance, HR has become one of the front line departments within an organization. KKI considers its employees as a tangible asset and for its safeguard, has its own HR department. The department is entrusted with the responsibility to recruit best available talent from the market and produce a fruitful working environment for them through attractive compensation packages, fulfill training needs wherever required and most of all; retain this talent for the longest possible time.


The goal of the Management of KKI is to deliver the highest quality education and training services to its employees to face complexities of emerging new concepts and technologies and make them easy to understand, so they can put them to work quickly and easily. Keeping in mind the growing importance and need of Trainings for organizations especially like KKI, as well as the employees, the management of KKI decided to induce training which not only serves organizational objectives to equip the staff with latest information and skills but serves in their careers as well.


KKI has always stood away from the crowd and this is the reason there is a novelty in all of its approaches and technologies to serve its customers the best and in accordance with SBP rules and regulations. IT is one of the strongest edges that KKI has over its counter parts. The two softwares Exchange Plus and Remitton are one of their own kind and provide complete accounting and remittance solutions easily. In today's age when time is a rare commodity, both the softwares provide quick and reliable services and their working is as simple as ABC. There are no complexities involved in using these softwares and this characteristic certainly makes them stand away from the crowd when market is over flowed with different software solutions these days. But Exchange Plus and Remitton are simply matchless!


"IT is the language of 21st century and without learning it, no progress and prosperity is now possible". KKI truly applies Kalia Group's slogan and has made a loud presence through its, the finest financial portal of Pakistan which was launched in the year 2001. This portal covers the global financial world with currency research and information as its specialty while comprehensive coverage is being given to news, related articles and commodities. on the other hand is the corporate website of KKI and embraces complete information about the company.


Research has been one of the fields in which KKI has earned a strong edge. In fact KKI is the only exchange company of Pakistan which is maintaining its own R&D department and is well known for currency and economic research in the media as well. Its research papers/articles/reports are regularly published in leading newspapers and magazines while the Marketing Manager Syed Nabeel Iqbal appears on Live interview calls and business programmes on different TV channels including Business Plus, CNBC and GEO on a daily and periodical basis respectively.


KKI's goal of improving its services and functions and exploit new ideas led the company to launch its newsletter The Bridge in January 2005. Based on the idea to keep valuable customers informed in a colorful and attractive manner, The Bridge now stands as one of the unique publications among all its counter parts. The motive behind the publication of newsletter is to inform the customers about KKI's activities and its literary contribution to the corporate sector.

Last but not the least, KKI believes in being the innovator. We are different because we want to be matchless!