The largest manufacture of trucks & buses in Pakistan

Director Sales & Marketing, Hinopak Motors Limited
May 08 - May 14, 2006

Hino - from generation to generation, believes in the transfer of technology. With strict quality control and constant supervision of Japanese experts, landmark technologies have been successfully transferred from Hino Japan to Hinopak in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Hinopak is constantly involved in facilitating and spreading new information to people in and around the automotive industry. One such attempt is the induction of the Vendors Assistance Program through which vendors are given training on to how to assure quality and management of production.


Hinopak's commitment to "AIMING FOR SURE QUALITY" remains the reason behind the company's evolving outlook and new product line. The New Hino 500 Series is a dynamic combination of power, economy, style and safety. Vast improvements in engine technologies have allowed us to create Engines that work twice as hard with more horse power while offering lower fuel consumption than ever before. Featuring revolutionary technologies such as the Euro Standard Low Emission Diesel Engines, CNG Engines for Buses, multi valves engine, new air intake system, turbocharger with intercooler, overhead cams, heavy duty clutch, synchronized transmission and power steering to facilitate a more comfortable drive.

Hino's new medium-duty truck series meets the demands of truck owners, drivers and consignors who insist upon perfection. With its stylish new look, fuel efficiency, low emission engine, comfortable cabin and ease of operation, this is a series that everyone will want to drive. If you are looking for durability, reliability and safety, these new models are close to excellence.


The new Bus line up is built upon reliable AK1J and RK1J (Rear engine bus) Series that offer straight and kick up frame options for intercity and intra-city usage. Both newly introduced series can be suitable for a wide variety of bus bodies. The kick up frame for inter-city operation offers more space for storage and luggage while the larger doors and low boarding height of the straight frame allow passengers greater comfort and convenience.


In order to address the growing concerns about pollution, Hinopak, being the largest manufacturer of Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan has added another feather in their cap by introducing the first ever dedicated CNG bus manufactured in Pakistan.

The Hino AK1J-CNG bus model utilizes a dedicated J08C-CNG engine that has been designed by Hino Motors Ltd., Japan in collaboration with an American company. The exhaust emission level of this CNG engine is similar to EUR02 emission level.


In the recent years much global awareness has emerged about environment friendly technologies that produce low, or no emissions. In order to address the growing concerns about pollution, Hinopak is proud to unveil its latest range of vehicles that are in line with global Euro emission standards making Hinopak the first Pakistani commercial vehicle manufacturer to introduce a complete range of environment friendly vehicles.

These vehicles are designed to reduce environmental impact throughout their life cycle with improved fuel efficiency. Further more reduced exhaust emissions have enabled us to control the amount of harmful gases that have a negative impact on the environment. Enjoy a safer, smoother drive with HINO.


The company is the first in the commercial vehicles sector to start the establishment of a 3S Dealership network, which offers Sales, Service and Spare Part facilities all under one roof.

Hinopak's vision of customer care and satisfaction drives them to provide only the best product support backup to their customers throughout the country

By continuing to move forward and staying alert to the ever-changing market & social needs, Hinopak will continue to be a successful and well-respected corporate citizen of Pakistan. Hinopak Motors is set to pave the way for a progressive and dynamic Pakistani automotive industry, reflecting their commitment and belief in the Hinopak corporate philosophy to "contribute to the development of a more prosperous and comfortable society by providing the world with a new set of values".