Apr 10 - 16, 2006

It is a matter of gratification to proclaim that Hyundai CBU's were launched successfully on the 13th of November by DEWAN FAROOQUE MOTORS LIMITED. The CBU's included Sonata, Terracan & for the first time in Pakistan a Sports car Hyundai Coupe. These cars were carefully selected and built to suit the exact desires of niche markets of Pakistan. None of these three are less than any other.

Sonata the Flagship model of Hyundai as stated in previous edition was ranked best by prestigious J.D power's initial quality survey. Sonata has already trampled Honda Accord's sale in USA and competitors dread the same in Pakistan. Hyundai Sonata is a refined and sophisticated sedan that inspires driving confidence and offers an unprecedented combination of safety, power and value. It outclasses its competitions by its leading class and safety standards, power and efficient engine, "Class-above" interior volume which all combine to offer you outstanding value.


The world witness Sonata as below:

" A Sedan That Rival's Japan's Best"

Michael Clark, The Winnipeg Free Press, May 6, 2005.

".... the best has just gotten better."

Norm Mort, the Toronto Sun, May 8, 2005.

"This is Hyundai's breakthrough sedan."

Jill Mclntosh, The Toronto Star, May 12, 2005.

Radiating style and sophistication to the core and possessing all the qualities you have come to expect from Hyundai's vehicles, the Terracan is Hyundai's largest and most powerful 4WD yet. Hyundai knows how to build a proper, body on Chassis off-roader in the traditional mould. Add to that the refinement lessons they have learnt the hard way and a contemporary skin from their own R&D and you get Terracan. Its aggressive styling makes for an imposing sight. The slatted out grille, sculptured headlamps and daringly asymmetrical plastic shrouds all add to the effect. It has a purposeful stance and every inch of sheet metal and plastic screams "Serious SUV"


"More than the stopwatch-stunning performance, it is the sheer joy of piloting a torque-rich motor that is rewarding."

Bijoy Kumar Y, India Times.

The gear ratios are perfectly suited for purring around town and blasting across to the nearby hills station. After reading all these applauded genuine facts you must be impressed by Hyundai Terracan and should get ready to study maps to see which part of K2 can you explore in one.

Lastly Hyundai Coupe to be the first Sports car legitimately launched in Pakistan. Here is a car built to invoke emotions, arouse passions and exceed expectations. But, beneath the racy elegance, lies much, much, more. Four years in the making and even further refined for 2005, The Coupe is no ordinary vehicle. Hyundai's designers have spent extensive time with both consumers and specialists. Their goal was to create a sports coupe that perfectly combines excellent performance with incredible functionality. Hyundai Coupe is equally good at home either around the streets or out on the open road, it is ideal for the driving enthusiasts. When you talk about Hyundai Coupe you talk about pure excitement, from its distinctive looks to its exhilarating performance. Even standing still the sporting charisma of the Coupe shines out. Hyundai Coupe is not just any sports car it's a practical sports car for Pakistan, weather you talk about price or road ability. Yet complete with Hyundai reliability, spaciousness and practicality built in. Finally, a car with personality made for people who accept nothing less than the best. Coupe is to quicken the heartbeat and set the pulse racing, with power options to suit any driving preference. Life is for living, time is passing - the Coupe is waiting for you to sit in and make other people turn their heads towards you.


Seeing is believing, what all you read about Hyundai's latest CBU's launched is just a glance of what you can get in a real package.

This is just the beginning phase of an era full of startling cars which will soon be revealed by DEWAN FAROOQUE MOTORS LIMITED. So get ready to Drive Your Way because they have the Power to surprise you.