Globally, telemarketing is on the rise

Apr 03 - 09, 2006

Since the early 90's the service industry is on the rise. It is infact, the fastest growing industry globally. The reason for this speedy growth is the quick globalization of information technology and the telecom sector. The cell phone companies and the internet service providers have taken the world by a storm. Outsourcing is also on the rise and companies have realized its cost effectiveness.

Traditionally speaking, all companies used to have their in house sales and marketing. But, since more than a decade a lot of the companies outsource their sales and marketing. Globally, telemarketing is on the rise. In most large establishments marketing and telemarketing is conducted in house. Both ways, the costs of telemarketing has been slashed more than half ways due to IP telephony solutions.

An organization may look towards its call center to provide a defined and tailored function. This could be sales generation through outbound calls. Tele Marketing can be conducted at the Call centers by making outbound calls to potential prospects and through product awareness, creating a need.

Some of the leading banks in Pakistan are using IP Call Center to satiate customer queries regarding their consumer banking products that include credit cards, car leasing and home loans. They are also making outbound calls to prospects like new account holders to sell them their car and home loans.

It is an undeniable fact that today's call center is more than an extension of an organization. For a commercial organization like a bank or a broad band company where the number of clients is in millions, it is their channel of communication that strings together their customer and business. Using computerized applications their call center handles calls in a highly documented and effective manner, with reports being generated on all aspects of the customer query. Company executives can review these reports for decision making in just a few seconds. Most of the applications are real time and online, resulting in a speedy sales process and quicker sales. Due to this reason, these banks and broad band companies achieved tremendous growth with the call center playing a major role in the growth of customer base. New products introduced through their state of the art VoIP call center helped sky rocket the sales figures. These companies understand how important each and every direct customer touch is to their success now and in the future.

The company that has set up their state of the art call center is also a Pakistani company, which is now an exporter of their solution. They invest heavily in research and development.

As you know, through out the corporate world, better revenue generation, service excellence, and client retention are areas of primary consideration and concern. A call center solution in this scenario serves as an interactive marketing engine that consists of outbound telemarketing, inbound sales and customer care, email and web based interaction. Companies meet with their client online or on the phone as per the client's own preference.


Telemarketing Call Centers guarantee the success of your business. A database of potential customers is used and the features and benefits of the product or service offered are highlighted through outbound calls. Companies can have their own in house call centers for telemarketing purposes. Manufacturers and exporters can also rely on telemarketing Call Centers for better sales and service to their clients abroad.

The most important identifier of success in telemarketing is the script you use for your outbound calls. It is a manuscript for success. It can turn your prospects into customers, irrespective of which products or services you sell.

An effective script defines your products or services, your offers and your brand far better than any direct mail shot, or advertising campaign.

The elements that compose a perfect telemarketing script are as follows:

* Questions that allow the prospect to ask you questions
* Differentiating factor attached to your call as compared to other calls
* Introduction of purpose of the call, process and benefits in early stages
* Provide prospects with reasons to act

When you know who your prospects are, you should have more focused scripts. These scripts should be effective enough to stay in your prospects mind. A telemarketing call center clears obstruction in the prospects mind and makes a fluid passage of communications resulting in sales. A call center can instantly provide a better filtering on your customer and better customer analysis. You can log all customer data. Once the prospect takes an outbound telemarketing call, or calls your center, it is treated as an event and data is collected and stored. You can collect data about how your client learnt about your offers? When did he make contact? What did the client want? You can also use demographic data for future offers?

Smooth interaction between a call center team and customers helps telemarketing achieve the following goals:

* You can think and act like your customer
* Win back lost customers
* You can generate revenue and data through existing prospects
* Cross sell other goods and services.
* Upsell
* You can bundle one product with another
* Gather demographic information
* Demonstrate superior customer care.