No new licenses for cellular companies next 5 years

Aug 29 - Sep 04, 2005

After deregulation of the telecom sector, the government has collected Rs20 billion during 2004-05 as GST/CED from the telecom sector while the telecom sector is we; set to receive $2 billion investment in two years.

PTA Chairman Maj. Gen. (retd) Shahzada Alam Malik disclosed this, while talking to CEO Telenor Tore Johnsen, accompanied by telecom researchers from different parts of the world. The research analysts from Canada, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Russia, Denmark and Poland showed keen interest in PTA future plans and current activities in Pakistan.

PTA Chief observed that the telecom authority was in the process to ensure better services that after issuing the new licenses, PTA is paying attention to the quality of Service issues so that the consumers get quality services. PTA is now striving hard to provide telecom services to the un-served areas of the country so that tele-density of those areas should come at par with urban areas of the country.

Currently, there are six cellular operators were in business in Pakistan and for next five years no new licencese will be issued for mobile service, he categorically observed.

The small operators have been benefited by the interconnect agreement and the problems faced by them are being resolved. The PTA Chairman was of the view that we have issued important determinations on various issues including interconnecting, co-location and limited mobility.

Meanwhile, Ufone, one of the six major cellular companies in Pakistan, has planned to come with an aggressive marketing campaign with network expansion in Balochistan with a substantial investment in improving connectivity and network of the area.

Speaking at a Forum, recently organized by PTA in Karachi Babar Khan, CEO Ufone observed that the mobile company since its inception has been very keen in its expansion plans and has been claiming the best network connectivity as its USP, which is absolute in every respect.

Ufone started its services Quetta in April 2003 followed b y Sibbi, Hub, Pishin, Chamman, Gwadar and Khuzdar and the response was overwhelming by the customers and that is vividly reflected through a strong consumer base in Balochistan.

Ufone discharging full responsibility in completely covering Quetta to Chamman to Pishin sectors and Jacobabad to Sibi sector. In continuation of network expansion Ufone plans to have coverage on all the major links that include Karachi to Quetta RCD Highways, Quetta to DG Khan, Mekran coastal sectors.

Ufone will be adding 31 new cities, towns and villages under its network and will mark its presence in 20 district headquarters of 26 and this is clear example of Ufone's commitment in providing unmatchable services to the people of Balochistan and ulitmately Pakistan.


The Burraq Telecom Limited, a newly established company is well poised to launch Wireless Local Loop (WLL) services with a commitment to provide quality, fair pricing and competitiveness.

Burraq's WLL services aim to offer seamless connectivity.

This new company has worked extremely hard to attain the expertise and qualifications that we hold at the moment and have overcome great odds to arrive at this juncture. This service is the result of hard work and painstaking efforts. It is indeed a great pleasure to introduce a company that dares to go beyond expectations, said Sadiq Yalmaz, CEO Burraq Telecom.

Burraq Telecom limited; a joint venture between telecommunication companies including Telecall Payphones, Stancom and Comcept, recently launched its operations in Pakistan. Burraq Telecom Limited, is initially offering the Long Distance International (LDI) connections to corporate clients as well.

The LDI set up is based on an international transmission network solution and is mandated by the pre-approved procedures of Pakistan Telecom Authority, the telecom regulatory authority in Pakistan.

The company has implemented the softswitch Technology, Next Generation architecture with class 4 & 5 features that include high availability carrier grade systems and mission critical redundant hardware.

All this will translate into a large volume of calls to and from the network as well as minimum amount of service interruptions. The LDI network also complies with the requirements of the Voice Over Internet Portfolio (VoIP) as well as the TDM and the Softswitch architecture that ensures a high availability of voice interfaces, ion turn ensuring high voice quality.

The calling cards that will utilize the LDI facility will have greater reliability, nation-wide availability, hassle-free connectivity, crystal clear voice quality and very competitive pricing. Later on in the year, Burraq Telecom also plans to launch WLL services with a commitment to quality, fair pricing and competitiveness.

Burraq Telecom Limited is a newly formed public limited company with the express purpose of establishing an operating Long Distance Nationwide, International Telephony Network in Pakistan.

The LDI network, which has been installed, based on Next Generation Network (NGN) which incorporates state of the art technology and will soon be commencing its operation across the country.

Meanwhile, PTA has chalked out a plan to establish Tele Centers across the country to spread telecom facilities in rural areas and the project would soon be materialized.