June 20 - 26, 2005


The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) is launching an MBA program in Media Management starting September 2005 under the supervision of a highly-qualified faculty, state-of-the- art facilities and a congenial learning, training and recreational atmosphere. This program has been devised in collaboration with an Advisory Council comprising, besides IoBM management and faculty, representatives from print and electronic media, advertising and public relations specialists as follows:

•Mr. Javed Jabbar, Chairman of the Advisory Council
•Mr. Kazi Mohammad Aslam, Chief Editor, Daily Kawish, Chairman KTN
•Mr. Masood Hashmi, Deputy Managing Director, Orient-Mcann-Erickson
•Syed Qasim Jalali, General Manager, PTV, Karachi
•Mr. Kamran Khan, GEO TV
•Ms. Qudsia K. Khan, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Financial Post
•Mr. Nisar Memon, Station Director, PBC, Karachi
•Ms. Sultana Siddiqui, President HUM TV
•Mr. Usman Zuberi, Director, AAJ TV


The objective of the MBA in Media Management is to prepare students and groom professionals with necessary knowledge and skills required for the media industry; including print and electronic media, advertising and public relations.


There is a number of target markets for potential MBAs in Media Management; recruitment, salaries and prospects depending on the nature of work, professional acumen, confidence levels, communication and negotiation skills of job-intenders.

PRINT MEDIA: Such wide and varied print media organizations may need or advertise for competitive and lucrative job opportunities from time to time as from daily newspapers; weekly, monthly and quarterly publications; business, glamour and sports magazines, research and specialized publications. While private print media organizations abound, there is a number of public sector organizations which need print media people for in-house publications. Positions may be available in editorial, layout and production and in business, marketing or advertising.

ELECTRONIC MEDIA: Amid proliferating private electronic channels, both radio and television, there is a growing need for DJs, Presenters, Producers and Engineers. Despite the mushroom growth of electronic channels, job market is such where competition is stiff and when quality counts. The name of the game is business whether in production or marketing. Stealing the show is the one who is best, in relevant academic background like MBA in Media Management; innovation, creativity and ingenuity; good verbal and written communication and presentation skills; ability to work under pressure with confidence and through coordination.

ADVERTISING: Amid confidence, creativity and communication skills an MBA in Media Management is expected to be in a better position to meet such advertising challenges as in or pertaining to copy-writing, layout and design, client service and business promotion where sky is the limit in career development, professional excellence and financial credibility both of the employee and the employer.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: There is hardly any national, multinational or international organization which does not have a Public Relations Department or which does not pursue Public Affairs activities towards business promotion and institutional credibility. As Public Relations is an important and integral part of MBA program in Media Management, an MBA in Media Management with such plus points as effective communication skills, seriousness of purpose and emotional maturity, may find pleasing and plenty of job opportunities both in the private and public sector.


The Media Management program is designed to benefit both MBA Regular and Executive students. While it identifies, nurtures and grooms regular students’ concerned creative and communication skills, it provides fresh ideas, insights and initiatives for Executive students who are already working in various Media Management fields and are desirous of upgrading qualifications and polishing skills.


To be eligible for admission in this program, students should have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. It is a two-year program, when a student completes six courses in one year, including summer session, following curriculum is to be followed.


1. Interpersonal Communications Skills
2. Computer Concepts and Applications
3. Quantitative Skills and Managerial Statistics
4. Principals of Management


1. Introduction to Media, History and Culture of Media
2. Introduction to Financial Accounting
3. Business Communication
4. Micro & Macro Economics


1. Organizational Behavior
2. Financial Management
3. Marketing Management
4. Managerial and Cost Accounting


1. E-Commerce, Web Design and Graphic Design
2. Media Research and Public Opinion
3. Public Relations and Event Management
4. Consumer Behavior


1. Media Planning and Buying
2. Communication Arts and Entertainment Advertising
3. Media Law and Business Ethics
4. Multimedia, Video and Film Production


1. Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
2. Role of Media in International Relations & Marketing
3. Media Practices – Print and Out of Home Media
4. Media Practices – Electronic Media