Jan 05 - 11, 2003

RG International (pvt) Limited is a fastgrowing telecom solutions company that is highly focused in the area of Computer-Telephone Integration (CTI) and customer interaction solutions. ZRG has been operating in Pakistan since 1994 and is considered as a pioneer in the next generation telephone based solutions. As the leading Customer Contact Center solution and consulting organization, ZRG business helps the clients achieve their customer acquisition, service, development, and profit and retention goals. Their commitment to clients is to maintain the highest standards of quality solutions, consulting services and knowledge transfer with an uncompromising concern for their success and bottom line.


ZRG is a specialist in all facets that make up successful telephone and Internet based Customer Contact Centers: program design, planning, deployment, operational processes, technology solutions and management. They are the experts in the convergence of information and communication technologies and are well-versed in the integration of multiple channels of communications including:

• Telephone calls
• Email and Web contacts
• Fax

ZRG offers in-depth expertise and handson experience with the following issues:

•PSTN issues
• UAN 111, Toll Free 0800, PRS 0900
• Call center planning and design
• Customer services & Help desk

Because of their previous project experience, they are able to share a wealth of knowledge with the customer in various telecom areas and related issues. The lessons they have learned from working on previous projects translate into instant benefits and cost-saving recommendations for the clients.


ZRG is the undisputed leader in the deployment of Call Center Solutions and Tools that actually work and integrate with the existing setup, bringing the highest possible return on investment. ZRG offers solutions that are designed to improve and enhance business communications and information dissemination processes through more advanced, quicker and cost-effective ways and means.

Following a list of some of their most widely used solutions:

• Call Management Server
• 24 hour Self-service Solutions
• Call Center Monitoring Tools
• Quality Assurance Server

The customized and turnkey solutions are backed by a team of call center and telecom professionals with in-depth technical knowledge, demonstrated capabilities and a vast experience. ZRG specialists are among the most experienced and highly respected professionals in our industry.


ZRG holds the largest share of call center solutions market and as the leading Customer Contact Center Consultant and Call Handling expert organization in Pakistan. ZRG call center solutions are being used with great satisfaction by some of the most prestigious and prominent organizations in Pakistan including the largest and most sophisticated call centers.


• Eight out of Thirteen Banking call centers are using ZRG solution
• Three out of Four Mobile phone companies using ZRG solution
• The Largest Oil Marketing company using ZRG solution
• The Largest Natural Gas Service Provider using ZRG solution
• First Call Center Solution exported from Pakistan by ZRG
• First Pakistani Call Center Solution company to be listed on Intel
Corporation's Success Story web site
• First CTI-enabled Call Center in Pakistan introduced by ZRG
• First Urdu based Flight Inquiry IVR installed by ZRG

For more information about ZRG and the latest call center and contact management solutions, call (021) 4313222 or visit www.zrg.com.