Feb 16 - 22, 2004

What greater or better gift can we offer to the country than to impart quality education to our youth in a better environment?

Shahjehan S. Karim, a veteran bureaucrat turned educationist perhaps felt the above concept from his soul which forced him to translate the dream into a reality by developing Institute of Business Management (IBM) which really deserves to be the center of excellence a model for rest of the institutions both in the public as well as in the private sector.

Entering into the open air of the prestigiously developed IBM campus was a wonderful experience especially after a long and tiring drive on the dilapidated, narrow, and congested road leading to the IBM campus located in the outskirts of the Korangi creek.

The overall view of the campus is eye catching. It's a well planned campus spread over three blocks of different colleges, a separate administration block and a business support center of the Institute. The different faculties are divided by roads with green belts around offering a fresh and pollution free environment to the students.

Shahjehan Karim, having a strong support of his team, has put his best of his wide exposure and experience to make IBM what it is today in a short period time. Although he was in a low profile while talking about future plans of IBM but the spark in his eyes was betraying his dream to see IBM on a much greater height of education. He said with a sense of pride that the IBM is a self generating concern and being run without any financial support either from public or private sector. It is a non-commercial organization and the motive behind establishment of this organization was not to make profit. What it generates is invested for further development of quality education. At present about 8 Ph. Ds are among the faculty members. The strength of the faculty members is self-explanatory about the quality and standard of the education impart in this institution. The graduates are welcomed with respectfully by all prestigious local and foreign firms within the country as well as abroad.

When his attention was drawn towards the overall complexion of the students who mostly belong to the rich class of the society, the IBM president, however, was of the view that admissions are given only to the eligible candidates having a better academic record irrespective of the social status. The IBM also offers scholarships worth Rs50 lakh per annum to the deserving candidates. In order to produce better crop of students, the IBM also offers pre-graduate classes at intermediate level so that quality students could be inducted into the fold of the graduates. Regular attendance is yet another requirement and those students who do not comply with the attendance requirement are relieved after giving warnings even to their parents.

Initially, IBM had started operations in 1995 as a College for Business Management (CBM) which has now impressively grown as the institute which houses three fully operational colleges, namely College of Business Management, the College of Computer Science and Informational Systems and the College of Economics and Social Development.

Shahjehan Karim, President of the IBM while spelling out the performance of the institute disclosed that IBM has a plan to add yet another college of engineering which would be offering MBA in engineering management. The college will start functioning from September next. IBM is also plans to introduce MBA courses in Media management and Environment and Urban management for the first time in Pakistan.

The expansion plan also includes buying of land adjacent to the institution at the market rates, Shahjehan Karim said. In this regard the government was approached and the Minister for Education and the Governor of Sindh who recently visited the campus was also requested for assistance acquisition of the land, however, the response is still awaited as nothing tangible has come out so far.

He conceded that the state of education is not in a good health in Pakistan and the situation calls for a strong public and private sector partnership to overcome the problems in the way of growth of market oriented quality education in Pakistan. He said that at the primary or secondary level, the state of affairs is also not encouraging and demands for concrete corrective steps. He said that he had offered to adopt and government school where he plans to offer the education free of cost, yet that offer seems to have gone unheard or neglected by the people at the helm of affairs.

He said despite repeated assurance by the city government, the road approaching to the IBM was neither repaired not redeveloped which indicates the respect for education in the eyes of the authorities in this country. Those who have proved record for the growth of education are being neglected while on the other hand 50 acres of land is allotted for the education city on the super highway. On the other hand IBM desires to develop the adjacent nullah into a green play ground which would help in overcoming the pollution problem also, but the request is also in pending since long, he regretted.