A call center can save you money and even generate additional revenues

By Maazz Ahmed Shamsi,
ZRG International (

May 24 - 30, 2004

The implementation of automation and technology in a customer service and support call center contributes directly to product support and productivity levels of a company. Call centers are gaining importance as a channel to achieve just that in a company. A contact or call center can play critical roles to improve the bottom line for a company. This changing corporate scenario is driving senior managers to view the call center as a profit center rather than a cost center. When it comes to investing in new technology for improving the bottom line, companies are making major strategic investments in profit centers.


Customer service is now a key criterion in choosing a service/solution provider. Service leaders in any sector are raising the bar for every organization. Building services that meet and exceed customer expectations must be an important part of the call center's strategy and ongoing development. Call centers play a pivotal role in a stellar customer services strategy by delivering consistent, prompt and high quality customer experiences.

A slow and unresponsive call center was preventing Mobilink GSM, from offering its customers top-quality service and from expanding its subscriber base as quickly as it wanted to. By replacing its outdated setup with a comprehensive, modular contact center solution Mobilink GSM has in four years become both the largest and fastest-growing cellular communications provider in Pakistan. Mobilink GSM now has a subscriber base of over 2 million customers and aggressive plans to expand the customer base by the end of 2004. Over the next 12 months, it has major expansion plans for its call center.


Customer satisfaction is a sought after commodity in an increasingly competitive business environment. Corporations in Pakistan are making that crucial jump from being supply driven companies to customer focused entities. They are rethinking their strategies for enhancing services. Organizations are actively considering the setup of customer helpline in order to provide, a one stop center where a dispersed customer base can contact the organization and lodge issues and complaints. At the same time the customer base will receive personalized service and issue realization.

In light of it's commitment to increasing customer satisfaction, PSO has set up a flexible, scalable and a reliable solution for its customer help line and support center based in Karachi. The PSO help line acts as a major point of contact for the customer and provides centralized customer services via a 24 hour nation wide 0800 help line. The help line has a completely integrated CMS (Complaint Management System) with back office operations to lodge, forward and resolve customer complaints and queries.


Many companies would like to support their products and services using a call center. Their whole company may be organized around the support of one or a set of products. Askari Commercial Bank Ltd chose to do just that for their Master card division call center.

Askari MasterCard, the Credit Card Division of Askari Commercial Bank Ltd is part of a dynamic and rapidly growing bank in Pakistan. Askari MasterCard is using the ZRG call center solution to support their credit card by providing value added services to callers. This solution is designed to provide a comprehensive set of services and tools to Askari MasterCard and to the customers. The self-service interactive voice response is part of the solution that offers a 24/7 access to their customer's account related information. Customers with complex issues are transferred to the next most suitable customer service representative. The call center officers have all the latest technology at their fingertips to support the credit card related queries. This has resulted in faster delivery of information, thus increasing customer satisfaction.


As a flexible technology solution the call center will mould to the defined role that an organization needs it to perform. A call center can directly generate sales for a company by dialing out to potential customers and creating a need for the products and services of a company. Similarly it can receive customer calls and have the queries processed and realized. Bank Alfalah is a prime example of possessing such a call center.

Bank Alfalah, a premier UAE-based bank is using its Call Center solution in Pakistan to provide customer services to its customers who call in regarding the consumer banking products of Bank Alfalah, which include car leasing, home loans and credit card queries. The call center processes these calls in a highly documented and managed manner, with reports being generated on all aspects of the customer query. Bank Alfalah has attained tremendous growth over the past few years and the call center was able to play a major role in expanding the customer base and introduction of new product portfolio taking the sales to a new level.

There is a continued focus on profit generation, customer service and customer retention in the corporate world, it should come as no surprise that call center operations will continue to increase in importance as the organization's primary hub of the customer experience. The call center will expand its role and strategic importance.

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