July 28 - Aug 03, 2003


Mr. Muhammad Nasim Khan is a banker by profession, holding a Masters degree in Economics. He has over thirty-six years of banking experience with a number of Pakistani and multinational banks, both in Pakistan and abroad and seven years experience of heading a leasing company. Starting his banking career as an officer in 1962, he has worked as Manager, Zonal Chief, Head of Operations, Country Manager, Director General Adjoint and Member Board of Directors during the course of his banking career. In 1995, he left a local bank, where he was are of the founder members of the bank and was working as Regional General Manager with rank of Senior Executive Vice President, to join Sigma Leasing as its Chief Executive & Managing Director.
He is also the Director on the Board of Fecto Cement Limited and member of the Board of Governors of the Institute of Banking Finance and Management (IBFAM).

"SIGMA" a vibrant organization with proven track record of last 6 years. The company is sponsored by the successful business group carrying high reputation in the business circles and excellent history of three decades performing an unfaulted commercial behaviour. 'SIGMA" (The company) is run purely on professional merits. The Board of Directors comprises of three chartered accountants (FCAs) three MBAs (IBA) bne banker and two business Executive. The Chairman of the company Mr. Asif Ali Rashid is very well regarded in business circle, financial sector and stock market. The company is headed by a Senior Banker carrying a long experience and exposure of over 4 decades of local and International Financial Sector with a Management team, though small, yet full of commitment, quality and professionalism.

The paid up capital of the company is Rs.200.00 million with equity base of Rs.285.00 million and the balance sheet size of Rs.634.00 million. The company claims, by the grace of God, almost 100% recovery of lease rentals.

The company has undergone the rating process since beginning. The rating company JCR-VIS has assigned the entity rating BBB+ for long term and A2 for short term.

The Vision, Dynamics, Resolve and Commitment of 'SIGMA' are:


We shall carve a place for ourselves at the highest level of the leasing industry by providing quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. We will go an extra mile to ensure greater profitability and value for our shareholders.


Professional management will be the hallmark of our organization. We will operate with state of the art technology to achieve optimum results and develop an efficient and motivated work force with corporate pride in their company.


We will provide our customers modern and technology based leasing services while we ensure our shareholders security and a high rate of return on their investment.


We will maintain financial discipline and adhere to professional and moral codes. In the operation of the company we will comply with all rules and regulations set down by the supervisory authorities.

Vision Values and Culture of the company is based on caring and sharing. The dynamic target of 'Sigma' is customer satisfaction, continuous improvement in services and organizational excellence fixing milestones for self and others to follow.