By Uzma Osman
Sep 30 - Oct 06, 2002

This is the era of enlightenment, where technology has strummed the strings of life on a completely new tune. The irresistible facilities to smoothen the needs of our environment, are embedded on the so called Internet with just a mere click of a button. What else can one desire for? Efficiency has never been more effective as it has turned out to be now.

Today globally, we all belong to a well knit society of the worldwide web. From daily routine life to our professional dealings, we all are significantly dependent on the net in order to have accuracy as well as faster output to our requirements. E commerce being the major tool for business enhancement, has penetrated smoothly and dynamically in various economies throughout the world proving its worth on infinite grounds. Foreign businesses realizing this fact, are taking over the global markets through this technique. It is high time when Pakistan should also opt for brighter prospects on this platform, specially after the 9-11 issue where Pakistan has emerged on the world map with a prominent potential market.

MALLPK.COM - 1ST E COMMERCE PLATFORM IN PAKISTAN: Kalia group has taken the initiative to launch the very 1st E commerce platform in Pakistan by the name of, in a true sense. Now the local business arena cannot only exploit their products but also safe guard their existence amalgamated with the benefits of worldwide accessibility and recognition. is an end to end e-commerce solution which is an answer to the much awaited business paraphernalia. is the brain child of (the dot com company of Kalia Group offering unlimited C2C services on the net)technically designed at International standards. Citibank has had a collaboration for providing merchant account, where as the system itself is backed by the highest security level of 128 Bit Secured Socket Layer with ECXS as the payment gateway. There are multiple modes of payment such as Credit card, Real time processing, Pay-order and Cash on delivery. Most importantly, the transaction would not only be in dollars but would be facilitated in Pak. Rupees as well, which would definitely boost the local business and irrevocably magnify the reach.

SALIENT FEATURES: Four nominal e-shop packages are being offered by the name of e-Lite, e-Sharp, e-Mazing and e-Xtravagant with a very competitive pricing. The entire e-shop administration is easily available and accessible throughout the world. The entire system though has been designed with international quality standards but Pakistani mind frequency has been specifically considered to incorporate a secured online environment. Courier service has been induced for prompt delivery whereas, SMS and Email intimation has also been programmed as soon as an order is placed on an e-shop.

In order to stipulate our mind frames towards the prospects of a brighter future, is the ultimate gear to enhance your business portfolio. So be a leader and not a follower.

—Business Relations Network