BIZTEK, is an institute where all of us are working towards achieving a common goal the goal of "excellence".

By Syed M. Aslam
Sep 09 - 15, 2002

Institute of Business & Technology (BIZTEK) has been established by GEC (Global Educational Consultants), which has dedicated itself to provide quality and affordable education in the fields of Business Studies, Information Technology and Computer Sciences. The campus has been developed on a site, which was acquired measuring 11 acres (500,000 sq. ft) of land on Main Ibrahim Haidry Road, Korangi Creek which has now turned into a location of Academia.

With the commitment of providing quality education to the city of Karachi, GEC has built up the campus of BIZTEK to provide degree programs in affiliation with Girne American University (GAU) North Cyprus. The management selected affiliation with GAU, since it is accredited by various authorities internationally and its programs are recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC), Pakistan. The courses have been designed by GAU keeping in mind the futuristic needs of the young generation. The programs have been so formulated that credit hours requirement, rules and regulations for academic pursuit are in line with any world-renowned University whether in USA or UK. The cost has been minimized keeping the meager income of our country. Our sheer commitment to quality education has made BIZTEK an international pursuit of IT and Business Education in Pakistan.

An intensive theory and practical curriculum is offered to create an academic experience that is challenging and professionally focused. The aim is to make the Management Students to acquire the skills to plan, implement and control activities within organization. One important purpose of educational process is to assist students in their more general developmental growth. In the world of today knowledge based personality seems to play a vital role for success in life.

At BIZTEK we nurture a perpetual and dynamic environment, conducive to learning and personality building. It is one of the Institutes in the private sector, which has facilities for sports and extra-curricular activities along with hi-tech educational environment, state-of-the-art computer labs and a highly functional library. The faculty is dedicated to give its best under the guidance of senior professors from the academics.

Participating in Exhibitions held in the city takes priority of the management of the institute. In a recently held ITCN Exhibition the stall of BIZTEK was a place of attraction for the visitors. People from all walks of life like students, faculty members, IT personnel together with important personalities like the Governor of Sindh, Federal Minister of Science & Technology visited our stall. Students of BIZTEK are encouraged to take part in Co Curricular and Extra Curricular activities beside their academic programs.

Holding of Seminars is a regular feature at the Institute. During summer semester 2002, seminars were held on various important topics in which students were given the responsibility of holding and managing them in a befitting manner.