Aug 26 - Sep 01, 2002

Greenwich University, established under an Act of the Government, is recognized and approved by the University Grants Commission as a degree-awarding institution. Greenwich, as an institute of learning, has been known for its academic excellence, and recognized, nationally and internationally, as one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Pakistan.

It is the mission of Greenwich University to pursue excellence and provide innovative and intellectual opportunities to develop and enrich individuals to achieve their highest potential in life. At Greenwich, we aim to provide our students with inter-disciplinary education, which helps to incorporate local and national perspectives within an international context. Particular emphasis is placed on grooming our students into young ladies and gentlemen who would willingly assume positions of responsibility in all endeavours of life with confidence and commitment.

Our students are dedicated to the line we have set for them at Greenwich. It focuses on how to motivate them effectively to achieve excellence not only in their exam results, but also, more importantly, in the application of their knowledge in their practical lives. They realize that their knowledge will remain meaningless if it cannot be used to improve the quality of life. In this day and age, its direction cannot be meaningful unless it is meant to cover the surroundings, dimensionally leading to the spread of success and harmony, understanding and compassion, which go into the making of a civilized society.

Greenwich University is conscious of the challenges students will face with regard to the increasing needs of the dynamic business environment. It has the ability to give students the right type of education that will enable them to take up their responsibilities with confidence in their future leadership roles. The main objective of the University is to address all challenges by providing innovative and proactive methods of learning. It focuses on the need for greater interdependence between business and academic communities, and is committed to providing students with an environment and opportunities for a more holistic learning experience.

The business world today, even more so in the future, requires a constant input of highly trained and motivated people who are able to respond quickly and decisively to the needs of business, commerce, and the higher echelons of administration. The field of management science has changed dramatically during the past decade, and Greenwich has striven to keep pace with this change by taking full advantage of new technology and skills. This has been possible only through the commitment of all associated with this dynamic and caring establishment.

Since Greenwich has always considered education a life-long endeavour, it has developed its programs to meet the needs of students from diverse academic backgrounds. To assure continued success, Greenwich assesses the learning needs of the business community and works to meet these needs through maintaining a unique campus atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning. The programs seek to advance interpersonal skills, self-knowledge and the ability to work logically. They develop skills in problem solving and oral and written communication. In addition, study and research methods, the theories of cultural, environmental, social, political and economic systems are encouraged. Greenwich prides itself on being one of the few institutes of management studies which believe that a broad liberal arts base is fundamental to intellectual growth. Through careful selection of dynamic and competent practitioners as well as a qualified faculty, Greenwich can respond rapidly to the changing educational needs of this modern technological society. These excellent teachers strengthen the curriculum with their practical expertise. In order to provide quality education, the faculty constantly strive to up-date their skills. The up-date of the teaching ability of our highly qualified faculty is noticeable when compared with the abilities of teachers in other institutions in the country. The edge of every Greenwich student is spectacularly visible when he goes out to the market and competes for job opportunities. The University’s efforts are dedicated towards both excellence in learning and providing access to aspiring future leaders. The key elements of its mission are unwavering desire and commitment to offer quality education in various fields of endeavour, and to provide our future generations an adequately broad platform for a meaningful national development.