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It all boils down to consumer satisfaction

Dec 26 - Jan 01, 2006

Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt.) Ltd., is a leading ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of edible oil in Pakistan. The management of the company has a rich experience in edible oil, spanning over more than five decades.

The Company was established in 1981. In 1991, in its quest to provide the best option of premium quality Cooking Oil and Banaspati, the company made huge investments in research and product development and launched the famous brand of Soya Supreme Oil and Banaspati. Today, Soya Supreme is a household brand used by health conscious consumers all over Pakistan. According to a survey published in Aurora in 2004, Soya Supreme is rated among the top brands by consumers in Pakistan.

Soya Supreme Cooking Oil is available in various pack types depending on the convenience and needs of the target market. These include PET bottles, tin packs and poly packs, whereas Soya Supreme Banaspati is available in tin packs and poly packs only.

The Company is also a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial margarine. In fact, Agro Processors was the pioneering Company to set up a margarine plant in Pakistan.

Recently, accessing an opportunity to establish its footprints in the international market, the Company started exporting its premium quality edible oil and banaspati. According to the CEO of Agro Processor Mr. Aziz Rafique, the Company is moving ahead very aggressively to become a leading brand not only in the local but also in the international market.

Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt.) Ltd. has annual sales of approx. 2 billion rupees. The company philosophy of maintaining high quality standards is the driving force behind its activities.

According to Mr. Aziz Rafique, quality and consumers dictate all the endeavors of the Company. "At Agro Processors we strive to be a cutting edge edible oil company in Pakistan. Manufacture quality value added products by maintaining streamlined verifiable process control at all stages of production. We foster a culture of performance, commitment and competence; treat our customers as the source of our input for continual improvement: therefore all our efforts are geared towards fulfilling their needs and requirements".

Giving a brief of how the company maintains the quality of its brands, the CEO highlighted the importance of the technological edge Agro Processors has.

Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the few edible Oil and Banaspati units in South Asia that process oil at 255C using UHT or Ultra High Temperature heating system and continuous deodorizing.

Most manufacturers use batch deodorizing with conventional heating systems which process oil only up to 180C.

The quality and purity of oil is determined by processing rather than the type of oil and depends on peroxide value, rancidity, free fatty acid (FFA) content and removal of odiferous compounds. Conventional processing of oil does not enhance the quality or purity as much as Ultra High Treatment (UHT) plants. Needless to say, quality and purity directly affect the appearance, taste & smell of your food and above all, it greatly influences your health. Hence, today one finds a very strong bonding of consumers with the brand Soya Supreme.


Agro Processors and Tapal Tea, the two leading companies of edible oil and beverage (tea) industries, joined hands to launch the current consumer offer of Soya Supreme and Tapal Danedar. A highly successful promotion, offers the consumers of Soya Supreme free Tapal Danedar on purchase of Soya Supreme Cooking Oil or/and Banaspati tins. The promotion has kicked off during winters, a time when steaming hot beverages are always welcomed.

Expanding on the consumer-focused approach the Director Sales and Marketing of Agro Processors, Mr. Ahmad Ghulamhussain stated that Agro Processors has set a trend in providing high quality brands with unique value added benefits to its consumers. It has on many occasions run promotions that succeeded in breaking previous sales records.

For instance, prior to the joint promotion with Tapal Tea, the Company has also run very successful promotions on Soya Supreme Cooking Oil and Banaspati tins that included instant cash prizes through scratch off coupons, gifts coupons, etc.

But the most unique ideas have been used in promotions of Soya Supreme Cooking Oil bottles giving a chance to its consumers to collect cutlery, dinner set, kitchen tools and servers, etc. thereby not only increasing the value to the consumers but also strengthening the market share of Soya Supreme Cooking Oil bottles.

Agro Processors is also the pioneering company to offer extra value to consumers of its more price sensitive poly packs of oil and banaspati. It ran a number of successful joint promotions with 3M offering Scotch Brite products with Soya Supreme Poly Packs. The results were so promising that the promotion was repeated within a short span of a year.

Needless to restate the idea behind such promotions is to retain and strengthen consumer base by adding to their satisfaction level.

The company remains steadfast in achieving its objective of consumer satisfaction and staying ahead of the competition in future as well and is assigning considerable resources towards this objective.


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