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Emerging with a new vision...

Nov 21 - 27, 2005

INCORPORATION: The Dawood Group entered into a joint venture agreement with the Bank of Ceylon (BOC), Colombo, on March 17, 2003 to amalgamate the business of BOC Pakistan operations into a banking company to be set up for this purpose under a scheme of amalgamation. Consequent upon the agreement, Dawood Bank Limited (DBL) was incorporated in Pakistan on July 17, 2003 as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Ordinance 1984 with the object of conducting banking business and related services. Banking licence was issued to the Bank by State Bank of Pakistan under Banking Companies Ordinance 1962 on 25th March, 2004 with effect from which DBL started the banking business by taking over Pakistan operations of BOC.

SPONSORS: Controlling shares are held by members of Dawood Family and their business concerns including Dawood Foundation, a welfare organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, while 14.15% shares are held by Bank of Ceylon, Colombo, Sri-Lanka.

Dawood Group is a distinguished and trusted name in Pakistan tracking its origin back to almost a century when the Dawood Family started business in undivided India. The Dawood Group of Industries is a diversified conglomerate spanning the textile, chemical, oil & gas, information technology and financial sectors, consisting of the well known Dawood Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd., Dawood Hercules Chemicals Ltd., Dawood Lawrencepur Ltd., Sach International (Pvt.) Ltd., Central Insurance Company, Inbox Business Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd., Dawood Foundation, etc. with substantial share holding in other ventures also. Net worth of the Group runs into multi billions.

MANAGEMENT: The President & Chief Executive of the Bank, Mr. M. Moazzam Khan, has a distinguished 34 years' career in commercial banking. He has worked in top management positions with leading commercial banks at home and abroad. He is a highly knowledgeable career banker, well known among the business community. He has a team of top class professional bankers to assist him in taking the bank to new heights.

As on 30/09/05
(Rupees in Millions)









Total Assets


Pre tax Profit


BRANCH NETWORK: Presently the Bank has five branches in operation. Three branches are functioning in Karachi, one in Lahore and one in Islamabad. The Bank is continuing the branch network expansion policy with emphasis on its presence in major cities at prime locations.

The renovation work for three branches viz. Shahrah-e-Faisal-Karachi, SITE-Karachi and The Mall-Lahore is nearing completion and another three branches are expected to be functional in November, 2005. The work on remaining seven branches as per Branch Expansion Plan 2005, approved by State Bank of Pakistan, is also in full swing.

CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY: 'Putting the Customer First' forms the central part of Dawood Bank's Corporate Philosophy. It is central because it defines the Bank's internal as well as external image.

'Customer First' is the state of mind producing an organization which strives to be the best in banking with its staff committed to be First in Service.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Dawood Bank provides a complete range of banking services to its customers. It has developed a large variety of customer-friendly products with state-of-the-art technology and delivery system i.e. strong delivery mechanisms supported by software applications, process and systems. The products are offered at the most competitive rates and so are the services.

Precisely speaking, at Dawood Bank, the customers have a complete sense of satisfaction over the profit on deposits, mark-up on financing and other charges as well as on the quality of service.

CREDIT RATING: The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) has assigned a long-term rating of "BBB-"(Triple B Minus) and short term rating of "A3" (A Three) which looks optimistic. Association of the Bank with Dawood Group is particularly important which, in fact, has also been highlighted by PACRA in its press release of 16th June, 2005 in the daily "Business Recorder".

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: With vast international correspondent relationships, Dawood Bank is well equipped to cater the requirements of international trade and finance around the globe at the most competitive rates of exchange and service charges.


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