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All set to revolutionize the Pakistani automobile market

Nov 14 - 20, 2005

Starting with a humble beginning, Mr. Abdul Wahid learnt from early in his life to constantly work hard and to strive for the best and in doing so he has made his way up against all odds. His life is checkered with successes in all fields he entered by constantly striving to achieve excellence in areas where the status quo dictated otherwise.

Having been associated in many fields including exports of Pakistani handicrafts to all over the world, he aspired to bring positive name of his beloved country Pakistan in each country in which he operated his business. To meet this end Mr. Abdul Wahid literally left landmarks behind in the shape of exact replicas of the world famous and historical Mughal architecture and gardens and named each of them Pakistan Garden.

Some of the countries where such landmarks were built include Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan and China. Many of these structures were gifted by him to the governments of the various countries on the condition that the name Pakistan remains inscribed on them forever. To date millions of foreigners have visited these marvelous structures and have experienced first hand the true face of Pakistan with all its warmth and hospitality that is an essential part of our unique culture.

Having been educated at Punjab University and later on attaining a fellowship from the U.K. in Materials Management. He encourages people to attain the best possible education, even if it requires going abroad. However, to him studying at a foreign university is not essential to attaining success in business and he points to his own successes as ample evidence of the same. Mr. Abdul Wahid is a firm believer that, contrary to the popular belief, Pakistan is indeed the land of opportunity with some of the most brightest, talented and gifted people of the world having been groomed in the country.

After continuing to serve the Pakistani interests selflessly all over the world, Mr. Abdul Wahid thought it was time to serve the Pakistani people living within the homeland. Keeping in view the red hot automobile sector in Pakistan which is marred with unprecedented shortages and late deliveries in the face of extremely high demand, Mr. Wahid decided to enter the automobile business with a view of improving the dismal situation being faced by customers.

With this aim in mind, he first embarked upon creating the professional and dynamic team in the automobile sector of Pakistan. He then short listed strong global automobile companies all over the world and in which the Chery Automobile Co. Ltd of China came on top. Chery Automobile Co. Ltd of China is one of the fastest growing automobile manufacturing concerns in China. Its product range encompasses the 800 cc, 1100 cc, 1600 cc, 2,000 cc and SUV automobiles. The company has its own cutting edge research and design facility where designers from the top European design houses such as Pininfarina and Lotus which are constantly striving to make the best automobiles in the world. The Chery automobile company is also one of the biggest state owned and semi-privately owned company of China. The company's headquarters and production facilities are located in the city of Wuhu, China. Its total area spans 13 million square meters and has an annual production capacity of 400,000 engines and 300,000 completely built up vehicles.

Interestingly, some of Pakistan's leading industrial names, which included some giants of the local automobile industry, were also vying for a collaboration in Pakistan with the Chery company. However, after long discussions, hectic negotiations and a thorough evaluation by the Chery Automobile Co. Ltd which involved several visits to Pakistan by the top management of the Chery automobile Co. Ltd, Mr. Abdul Wahid once again defied all odds and after an extensive selection process, his company, the Pakistan Chery Automobile Company (Pvt) Ltd, was appointed the sole distributor, agent and progressive manufacturer of all Chery brand of automobiles in the geographical territory of Pakistan.

Mr. Abdul Wahid laments that Pakistan is the only country in the world where customers pay 100% of the price of the car upfront and still have to wait for several months to get delivery of their cars. He is fully geared to eliminate this anomaly from the local market. When asked about how he intends on accomplishing this task, Mr. Abdul Wahid candidly quips that he will "ensure that Pakistan Chery Automobile (Pvt) Ltd becomes the number one company in the auto-sector of Pakistan by providing the best quality vehicles to the consumers in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost". To meet this end, he has introduced in Pakistan the most advanced, fully loaded vehicles of the highest quality in the compact car segment namely the Chery 'QQ'. This car ranked number 'One' in the globally prestigious and independent J.D.Powers and Associates IQS study for the year 2004 for compact automobiles in Asia. Despite its highest quality, Mr. Abdul Wahid made sure that he offered it to the consumers at the most competitive price of Rs. 489,000/- only with many luxury and safety features as standard which are not even available in the ultra luxury vehicles of the world.

Shortly after signing of cooperation documents with the Chery Automobile Co. Ltd of China, Mr. Abdul Wahid quickly established one of the fastest growing network of 3S dealers in Pakistan to market, sell and to provide exceptional service to customers that are associated with the Chery brand of automobiles. Spare parts were imported in ample quantities to give the most superior after sales support to the Chery customers. Initially, the 800 cc Chery 'QQ' car is being introduced, however the entire line of the Chery branded cars is set to be incrementally introduced in Pakistan. These include a 1600 cc luxury Sedan, a 1900 cc diesel luxury saloon and a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

The first major shipment of the Chery QQ cars arrived in Pakistan towards the end of September 2005 and they were all sold out within a record period of time.

Mr. Abdul Wahid is not satisfied with simply importing and marketing the Chery cars in Pakistan. He is working to implement his plan to progressively start manufacturing the Chery brand of automobiles in Pakistan and to meet with this end he has set the goal for his company to be the first in Pakistan to achieve 100% deletion levels. In this regard, Pakistan Chery Automobile (Pvt) Ltd is in advance stages of setting up a CKD assembly plant, on a joint venture basis with the Chery Automobile Co. Ltd of China, which would later be upgraded to Pakistan's first full-fledged autonomous automobile manufacturing unit that would be used as a springboard for exports of Chery cars to all over the world. The scope of this project is to the tune of forty million US dollars and will provide direct and indirect employment and world class training to thousands of Pakistani citizens.

Many skeptics have repeatedly stated to Mr. Abdul Wahid on numerous occasions that entering into a market with such large sized incumbent players, who have strong oligopolistic powers, was an impossible dream. To his skeptics he always states his golden principle which has been, by the Grace of Allah, the key to all of his continued successes: "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go, with hard work, sincerity and dedication, beyond them into the impossible. It is then that it is discovered that the impossible is simply the untried." These are truly golden words indeed and we wish Mr. Abdul Wahid all the success in continuing to make the impossible possible and to continue to bring to Pakistan a good name on a global level.

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