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Oct 17 - 23, 2005


Syed Bader ul Islam, MD, NCR Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan

Mr. Bader ul Islam has been associated with IT industry in different capacities for over 30 years. During this illustrious career, he has held top management positions in different countries, where he has led NCR operations with tremendous success and growth.

After initial years of his career in Pakistan, Mr. Islam moved to Kuwait to work for Burroughs Computers (now known as Unisys). In November 1982, he came back to Pakistan and joined NCR. Since then he has been instrumental in growth and success of NCR in this region, initially as a member of the sales and marketing team and subsequently, leading the team in various capacities.

Before getting promoted to NCR Pakistan Country Manager position in 1990, he has held some senior position in NCR Pakistan, including Marketing Manager for NCR Pakistan & Bangladesh.

As a Country Manager Pakistan, Mr. Islam took some key initiatives for promoting use of Information Technology in the country including establishment of an IT Education Centre, a first by a multinational in Pakistan. He also established Corporate Development Centre to cater the needs of education as the corporate level. He was also instrumental in establishing a software development arm for the Self Service Banking sector.

Mr. Islam was posted in West Africa as a Managing Director for Nigeria in 1999. In 2001 he was given additional responsibility to manage Ghana Branch also. In 2003 he was also promoted to have additional portfolio of leading Payment Solutions for Sub Sahara Africa, including South Africa. Since 2004, he was responsible as a Managing Director for NCR Direct Operations in West & East Africa.

Syed Bader ul Islam has taken over as Managing Director, NCR Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan since June 2005. Mr. Islam's appointment underscores NCR's continued commitment to expanding market share for NCR's Retail Store Automation, Financial Self Service, Payments and Imaging, Teradata Data Warehousing, Systemedia and Customer Services solution portfolios. Mr. Islam is well-known for his focus on service quality and customer satisfaction.


Cisco Systems has accredited Arwen Tech as the only Silver Certified Partner in Pakistan. This announcement was made by the Company's top executives at a press conference held recently in Karachi. The certification recognizes that Arwen Tech has passed stringent technical support and system integration requirements and is now certified to resell Cisco products in the Middle Eastern region.

As a Silver Certified Partner Arwen Tech is recognized and rewarded for having some of the industry's best trained network technicians who are capable of achieving and demonstrating a high level of expertise in planning, designing, implementing and supporting Cisco network solutions. Being a leader in Wireless LAN and IP Telephony in Pakistan, Arwen Tech has secured the training, skills and knowledge to play an essential role in accelerating the adoption of Cisco technology solutions.

Receiving this honor highlights Arwen Techt's commitment to continually offer its customers a high level of product knowledge, technical expertise and service capabilities. The combined front will also provide world-class business solutions that help companies be more responsive, productive and resilient.

Chairman of Arwen Tech Ziad Bashir, addressing the media, said Pakistan has a young growing population and it is our duty as a business community to provide them with jobs and careers. "As you know call centers have turned out to be one of the strongest employment generators in India, Ireland and the Philippines, and if we are to lower the unemployment rate in our country we have to pursue and promote such areas that can give our newer generation the bright future they deserve," he added.

The Chief Executive of Arwen, Atiq Rehman, was of the opinion that interaction is one of the top-most priorities and now Arwen will be prominent participant at local and international events where public, corporate, government and the media sectors have been visibly involved. He pointed out that the status awarded by the Silver Partnership gave them a global edge, an achievement for the growing and prospering IT industry where policies and measures from all sectors are helping Pakistan take a leap forward in the global technology marathon.


An extra-ordinary general meeting of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) was held 12th October 2005 at Lahore, where the members expressed their sorrow and grief at the catastrophic earthquake, which has struck Pakistan. The members unanimously decided to contribute Rs 200 million towards the relief efforts for the earthquake victims. A sum of rupees hundred million is being contributed immediately towards the President's Earthquake Relief Fund.

The General Body lauded the courage and dedication of their follow members who are already providing relief in the affected areas in cash, kind and person to the distressed affectees.


Neville Isdell, Chairman and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company, has announced that the Coca-Cola Company and the Coca-Cola Foundation has pledged U.S. dollars two million (Rupees 12 Crores) for the earthquake relief effort under way in Pakistan. Of this, one million dollars are being given into the President's Relief Fund for Quake Victims and one million dollars will go to the international Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. In addition, to help address the vital need for clean drinking water, the Coca-Cola system will be donating water and other beverages to the local agencies coordinating the relief efforts.

"Coca-Cola has been in Pakistan for 53 years and in Pakistan it is very much a local company," said Ahmet C. Bozer, President Eurasia & Middle East Division, the Coca-Cola Company, said and added: "We are extremely grieved at the great human tragedy the earthquake has caused. Thousands of people including women and children have lost their lives. The survivors will never be the same persons again. We can appreciate that the cost of the relief efforts will be very high and we hope Coca-Cola's contribution will prove helpful," he added.

Ahmet Bozer is expected to reach Pakistan very shortly to personally hand over a cheque for the one million dollars committed. It may be noted that Coca-Cola has previously also responded spontaneously to natural disaster rellef efforts when in year 2000 it made a contribution to the Chief Executive's Drought Relief Fund for Balochistan. The company's corporate social responsibility portfolio also includes support to restoration of heritage buildings and to education for the less privileged.

"In Coca-Cola we strongly believe that a company is an integral part of the community and the country it operates within," said Rizwan U. Khan, Country Manager Pakistan of Coca-Cola. "If the community suffers a calamity, it is also a calamity for us and whatever we can do will be done, every time," he added.


Telenor has made its services available in Mansehra and Abbottabad on an urgent basis and is providing free SIMS and services to the Ministry of Interior's National Crisis Management Cell (NCMC) in order to ensure connectivity for emergency communications. Telenor is also working hard to set up network access to Balakot, one of the towns hardest hit by the calamity.

Telenor's spokesperson and Director Communication, Syed Hasnat Masood said, "Currently one of the foremost issues for rescue agencies in ensuring timely emergency response is the difficulty to communicate with these remote areas, since the earthquake has left phone lines in disarray. We have rolled out access urgently in order to respond to this need." He assured that the telenor network, being a thick network and having adequate capacity, will continue to work unimpaired.

He also said that telenor teams have established camps at the Margalla Towers emergency site, at the Pakistan Institute of Medical sciences (PIMS), and at the Islamabad Poly Clinic, offering free calls to the injured, their family members and emergency workers and asked people to make use of these services. Similar setup is being made available in Mansehra and Abbotabad to help rescue workers and affected families with their communication needs. Mr. Masood further stated, "Telenor and its employees are extremely saddened by the recent tragedy and we will help out by all means possible."

Cisco Systems has accredited Arwen Tech as the only Silver Certified Partner in Pakistan. The certification recognizes that Arwen Tech has passed stringent technical support and system integration requirements and is now certified to resell Cisco products in the Middle Eastern region. This announcement was made by the Company's top executive at a press conference held recently in Karachi. Seen in the picture are: Mr. Ziad Bashir, Chairman, Arwen Tech, addressing the audience; Mr. Atiq Rehman., Chief Executive; Arwen; Mr. Tarek Ghoul, Regional Channel Manager, Cisco System & Mr. Owais Zaidi, COO.


Union Bank American Express Cards and Arabian Sea Country Club signed an agreement according to which the card members will be able to purchase a Full Family Membership or Corporate Membership of the Country Club and pay in easy monthly installments ranging from 6 months to 36 months, with zero percent service charges.

A document to this effect was signed by Mr. Ghufran A. Khan, Director Consumer Assets Group, Union Bank Limited; and Mr. Arif Khan Abbasi, CEO, Arabian Sea Country Club.

A special offer for American Express card holders is that they can visit the Country Club once, even without being a member, and use the dining facilities at the club.

Union Bank American Express Cards and Arabian Sea Country Club signed an agreement according to which the card members will be able to purchase a Full Family Membership or Corporate Membership of the Country Club. Seen in the picture, (from L-R) Ghufran A. Khan, Director Consumer Assets Group, Union Bank; Arif Ali Khan Abbasi, CEO, Arabian Sea Country Club; and Asim Tufail, Director Marketing, Union Bank, while Mr. Shahzad Iqbal, Business Manager American Express Cards and Dr. Kamal Shams Siddiqui, Arabian Sea Country Club look on.


In response to the devastating earthquake, the worst natural calamity that has befallen on Pakistan, the Board of Hubco on behalf of the shareholders and the management has decided an immediate contribution of Rs. 50 million to the President's Relief Fund. Expressing most profound sorrow and heartfelt condolences on this sad occasion Mr. M. Ashraf Tumbi, Chief Executive, said that "this is a catastrophe beyond belief and a human tragedy of epic proportions that requires each one of us to contribute to the relief efforts".


Following the repercussions of Pakistan's largest and most critical natural disaster, the Moderates has established a disaster relief camp to collect goods for victims and will be providing these to the affected areas.

This national disaster has brought together nations across the world, and thus calls for a unified effort to help those in need. Many countries quickly assembled aid and readied it for transportation to the mountainous region of Pakistan, where landslides are reported to be making access extremely difficult. Some teams had already reached Pakistan, including a Russian rescue team, the first contingent of a British emergency rescue team and a U.N team of disaster coordination officials who set up three emergency centers.

Expressing his views, Chairman Moderates, Syed Jawaid Iqbal, said: "We are hopeful that with the contributions of the citizens of Pakistan, a difference will be made in the lives of those who have survived this calamity." He has also appealed to all Muslims to commemorate Eid in a simple manner and generously contribute to this worthy cause.


On the wings of soaring customer demand, Emirates SkyCargo has ramped up its freighter services to the economic powerhouse China, and strengthened its freighter fleet with larger capacity.

Emirates SkyCargo is pumping up its payload capacity to Shanghai by 50 per cent, adding a fifth sixth frequency to the city with a Boeing 747-400F, to cope with the demands made by the country's high-growth economy. The cargo division also offers an extensive network of scheduled trucking services in China, providing customers the speed of air transport as well as the convenience of local collection and delivery. To better support its worldwide expansion plans and ease capacity constraints, Emirates SkyCargo has replaced one of its two Boeing 747-200fs with a 747 400F, which offers 120 tonnes of capacity- 15 tonnes more than the-200F.


Pak Oman Investment Company has donated a sum of Rs. 10 million to the President's Relief Fund, in addition to its employees' voluntary contribution of 3-day salary. Furthermore, Pak Oman's internal committee dedicated to social and environmental welfare, 'Friends of Life' is in the process of preparing a shipment of tents, blankets, food and medicine that will then be delivered directly to the areas affected by the earthquake. Our hopes and prayers are with our brethren in the devastated areas.


ICI Group in Pakistan announced the donation of Rs 15 million to the President's Relief Fund for earthquake victims in Northern Pakistan. The employees of ICI Group in Pakistan are also contributing two days gross salary to the relief fund.

In addition the ICI Group in Pakistan will also join the donation being made through the Overseas Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Sultan Allana, Chairman and Zakir Mahmood, President Habib Bank Limited, visited Balakot, Muzzafarabad and adjoining earthquake-hit areas to distribute relief goods to the affected people and families.

Allana and Mahmood were accompanied by senior bank officials who reached Balakot by helicopter put at their disposal by Aga Khan Development Network for relief work. The HBL team distributed medical supplies amongst the people of Muzzafarabad and other areas.


Tetra Pak has donated PKR 12 million ($US 200,000) to the affectees of Saturday's massive earthquake which caused widespread devastation and killed thousands of people, besides leaving tens of thousands homeless.

Tetra Pak Pakistan's Managing Director, Par Soderlund, announced in a statement that Tetra Pak international, the management and the employees of Tetra Pak have pledged over 12 million rupees for the earthquake relief endeavors under way in the worst-hit areas in Azad Kashmir and northern Pakistan.

The donation includes more than 6 million rupees cash contribution to the President's Relief Fund for earthquake victims which will be added by generous individual contribution of each employee of Tetra Pak, from one-day to one-month's salary.


Citibank N.A. Pakistan, a member of Citigroup, announced that Citigroup and its employees will donate up to US$3 million for earthquake relief and rebuilding to assist the humanitarian aid effort following the earthquake disaster.

In addition to a US$1 million immediate commitment, the Citigroup Foundation will also match employee donations of up to US$1 mnillion, dollar for dollar. The Foundation will work with a number of relief organizations, including the Red Crescent, in order to ensure that this aid goes where it is needed most in providing immediate relief and support with rebuilding.

"Citigroup employees around the world have been saddened by this disaster and have expressed a deep desire to help," said Chuck Prince, Chief Executive Officer of Citigroup. "We hope that by aiding the efforts of the relief organizations we can help with the enormous task of caring for those who have suffered and helping them to slowly rebuild their lives and their communities."


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