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 Oct 03 - 09, 2005


Members of the Vision Care Service of Korea set up a week-long free eye camp in Karachi. The eye-camp was sponsored by global digital technology leader, LG Electronics.

Doctors and eye-specialists especially flew in from Korea to inspect and operate on needy patients. The team's aim was to perform at least 500 operations in five days.

Speaking on the occasion, LG's General Manager, Mr. C.S. Kim, said that LG strongly believes in supporting its communities and giving them back the joy of life. "At LG, our aim is to provide comfort not only to those who buy our products but also to those who are deprived of the joys of life. This eye camp is just one of the regular practices of the company," he added.

Dr. Dong Hae Kim, speaking on behalf of the Vision Care Service, said that the team's experience has been very enlightening and satisfying. "Our aim to provide sight to the needy is aided by the cooperation of conscious companies like LG that broaden our horizons and give us an opportunity to work in countries like Pakistan."

Also speaking on the occasion, Dr. Noshad A. Sheikh, Provincial Secretary for Health, said that eye-camps such as these have great impact on our society. "It is indeed very encouraging for us to have a team of specialized doctors from abroad to operate on the poor and the needy. Such camps have proved to be a blessing for many who cannot afford to have eye surgery that is quite costly, he said"


Central Depository Company (CDC) will use Habib Bank Limited's nationwide branch network to provide Investor Account Service (IAS) to capital market investors. An agreement between CDC and HBL was recently signed in this regard. CDC started IAS in 1999 and the service has grown tremendously over a period of six years. As a result, today the company has a patronage of over 32,000 investors. Investors' favorable response for IAS has led CDC to expand this service all over the country.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO, CDC Hanif Jakhura said that this initiative will go a long way to broaden the investor base in the country and will provide remote investors an opportunity to be a part of the Capital Market. He said that extending this service through the banking network will enable the clients to operate their IAS account as well as their bank account from the same window, thereby making the product more efficient and convenient for the clients. He further said that this initiative reiterates CDC's commitment to be "at the forefront of capital market development" and will compliment the company's efforts to better educate the investors residing in small cities of Pakistan by conducting a series of Investment Road Shows.

CDC has so far conducted four road shows in Peshawar, Sialkot, Hyderabad and Quetta and the fiffh road show of the series was planned in Multan on 24th September. The company also has plans to conduct road shows in Sukkur, Gujranwala, Faisalabad as well as UAE in the near future.

In the first phase, CDC Investor Account Services would be made available from limited branches of HBL in Karachi and Lahore but will be expanded countrywide shortly. CDC and HBL have plans to introduce this service to Middle Eastern countries in the near future as well.

CDC Investor Account Service provides retail investors the benefit of safe and secure custody of their securities. Investor accounts, unlike sub accounts (opened and controlled by stock brokers), are directly operated on the instructions of investors. Therefore, investors have direct and complete control over their stock portfolio.


Renowned industrialist and Member of the Managing Committee of KATI Mr. Gulzar Firoz has been unanimously elected unopposed as Chairman of Korangi Association for the terrn 2005-06.

Mr.Masood Naqi and Shaikh Fazl-e-Jalil were elected as Senior Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Association, respectively. Mr. M.Zubair Chhaya also declared the following five members of the Managing Committee as elected unopposed on the five vacant seats.

Mr. Shaikh Fazl-e-Jalil

Mr. Umer Rehan

Mr. Abdul Rab

Mian Ziaul Hasan

Mr. Farhat Ali Khan


Intel Corporation has announced availability of its last planned single-core Intel Xeon™ processor. Intel also announced new low voltage versions of its Intel Xeon processor line as the company shifts to enterprise platforms with processors having two or more cores.

"We are aggressively driving the transformation to an entire new generation of multi-core servers. As the most widely-deployed 64-bit platform in the industry, Xeon is the clear server and workstation workhorse for business," said Diane Bryant, Vice President of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group and General Manager of Intel's Server Platforms Group. "And as we support the transition to multi-core enterprise computing, Intel is already sampling next-generation processors and platforms that will consume orders of magnitude less power and incorporate new platform technologies that deliver leadership manageability, virtualization and l/O efficiency."

As part of its strategy to improve power efficiency, Intel introduced low voltage versions of its Intel Xeon processors. They include the 64-bit Intel Xeon processor LV 3 GHzl with only a 55W processor power envelope and the 64-bit Intel Xeon processor MV 3.20 GHz with a 90W processor power envelope. Both processors are targeted at server rack and blade designs where space is constrained and power-efficiency is a priority.

Intel also introduced a new 64-bit Intel Xeon processor with 2MB of L2 cache running at 3.80 GHz that is drop-in compatible with the previous Intel Xeon processor platforms and continues to offer power-saving features with Demand Based Switching, enhanced performance and flexibility with support for HyperThreading Technology2, DDR2-400 memory and PCI Express*. Additionally, Intel introduced a 64-bit Intel Xeon processor 2.80 GHz with 2MB L2 cache for servers used in small and medium business environments.


Veqar-ul-Islam, former Country Manager Pakistan, Afghanistan Bangladesh of NCR and presently Managing Director, Nokia Pakistan, has been selected for the IT Professional of the year of Pakistan Award during SEARCC conference scheduled for September 28 to 30 in Sydney, Australia.

SEARCC is the overarching body for the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) societies in the region. Its objective is to provide a common platform for ICT practitioners in the region to gain access to professional development opportunities and share experiences in the implementation and the use of best practices in ICT. It was formed in 1978 and today it comprises 13 member countries - Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan ROC and Thailand.

One of the many events scheduled around this conference was a Gala dinner on September 29 when the winners were to be announced and honoured. The awards program was being held by participating Compauterworld magazines from across the region.

The award winners would also be provided the opportunity to take part in panel sessions during SEARCC.


JWT Pakistan invited its clients, media partners and colleagues to share an interesting study on how Pakistanis spend their time and the value/priority that they attach to every activity that they choose to undertake.

"We are the third office in the world, after the UK and US to have conducted this study, because we feel that in this day and age, with the explosion of multimedia options it is important to know exactly how consumers today are choosing to spend their time. This will help us come up with innovative and creative brand messages that people would like to spend time with," stated Karim Rammal, President JWT Pakistan.

JWT also unveiled their new worldwide creative scoring table which allows each creative idea to be ranked on a benchmarked 10 point rating scale.


DHL, the world's leading express and logistics company, has announced that it will invest up to US$8 million in Pakistan in the next three years, including the construction of new state-of-the -art Airside Express Logistic Centers in Karachi and Lahore and upgrading all its facilities. This latest investment is a reaffirmation of DHL's commitment to partnering with Pakistan and the country's business community.

In his message read out on the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony of DHL Pakistan's Airside Express Logistic Center at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Scott Price, CEO of DHL Express-Asia Pacific, said: "DHL has a long history of successful partnership with Pakistan, such as the Joint Venture between DHL International and DHL Pakistan spanning more than 23 years, and it is our intention to continue building on this relationship well into the future."

Mr. Price noted that Pakistan is an important market for DHL and a significant country in the growth of company's business in the Asia pacific.

"In recent months, there have been clear indications of a sustainable return of political certainty and strong macro-economic fundamentals. At the same time, the region is seeing very buoyant levels of intra-Asian and international trade. All these factors together provide very favorable conditions in which we can maintain the double-digit growth of our Pakistan operations," according to Mr. Price.

DHL's inbound and outbound shipment volumes for Pakistan have also increased markedly, and this has made it necessary to increase the frequency of its dedicated flights in and out of Karachi and Lahore, DHL's Gateways in Pakistan, to the rest of the world.


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