Sep 19 - 25, 2005


Dawood Lawrencepur Limited is a public limited company and is quoted on Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. It is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of yarns and fabrics made from natural & man-made fibres and blends.

In May 2004, the company's name was changed to Dawood Lawrencepur Ltd. due to the amalgamation of Dawood Cotton Mills Ltd., Burewala Textile Mills Ltd., Lawrencepur Woollen & Textile Mills Ltd. & Dilon Ltd., so as to take advantage of the goodwill associated with the name of Lawrencepur. Dawood Lawrencepur Ltd is a distinguished and trusted name in Pakistan. Dawood Lawrencepur Ltd. have the following units:

* Dawood Cotton Mills Unit which is involved in the production of 100% cotton, and blended cotton/synthetic yarns and fabrics - both in grey and dyed form.

* Burewala Textile Mills Unit produces 100% cotton yarn and grey fabrics. The mill specializes in fine and super fine counts for weaving, hosiery and sewing thread industries.

* Lawrencepur Woollen & Textile Mills Unit, which is the first worsted mill in Pakistan, is a fully integrated unit with in-house facilities to handle anything from raw wool to finished fabrics. It manufactures 100% wool, wool/silk, wool/cashmere, wool/cotton, wool/polyester and wool/polyester/acrylic fabrics, using 18.5 micron and 21 micron wools.

* Dilon Unit being the first plant in the country for manufacturing Nylon 6-filament yarn. The plant has now been expanded and has the facility to manufacture Polyester filament yarn as well. The plant is equipped with latest draw twisting and texturing machines.

DLL maintains its reputation of a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality textile products through technology and effective resource management while maintaining high ethical and professional standards.


The sale of the company for the year ending 2004 is Rs. 1,610,682,606. The net profit after taxation for the year is Rs. 156,186,643 after providing for depreciation, all operating, administration, selling and distribution, financial/other expenses.

* The figures of the years 1999-2003 are of the period when the merger had not taken place.



Cotton is known for its strength, coolness & comfort. Cotton is easy to care and versatile. Dawood Lawrencepur specializes in cotton yarn and fabrics, but the main focus is on the production of yarn in medium, fine & super fine counts. The yarns produced are used in weaving, knitting and sewing thread industries. High quality weaving and hosiery yarns are waxed as per customer requirements. The yarn counts range from 16/1 to 130/1. The company also has the facilities to produce two fold yarns for high value-added fabrics and it specializes in "S" twist yarns for the wewing thread industry. Sewing threads are commonly produced in 28/1, 34/1 & 47/1 yarn counts.

100% pure cotton yarns, as well as, viscose and blended synthetic yarns are produced in grey, dyed, singed, mercerized and bleached forms.

In cotton fabrics, various combinations are produced in a wide array of hues, according to customer specifications. The weaving is equipped with the latest machinery including Sulzer weaving machines, conventional, dobby looms and the modern ancillary prpatatory machinery, which produce a rich pallet of weaving design such as stripes, geometrics and twills as well as seasonal solids. The collection of fabrics spans from Swiss voiles, poplins, gabardines to cambric, lawns and lathas. Recently a new finishing plant has been added which comprises the latest machinery from Osthoff, Benninger, Monforts and Ramish.


"Lawrencepur" is undoubtedly the brand leader in Pakistan textile industry. The brand has consistently maintained its eminence in the textile industry for over five decades. The exquisite quality fabrics & designer garments offered by Lawrencepur have long fascinated the quality conscious customers. The Brand draws its strength from quality of its products and human resources. The Lawrencepur collections are the very epitome of immaculate dressing. The brand has always identified itself with the needs & lifestyles of the customers and has offered products that are best suited to these needs & lifestyles

Lawrencepur mills consist of five units - Top making, Dying, Spinning, Weaving and Finishing. From 1949 to date the mills have undergone evolutionary changes and now prestigious fabrics like wool/cashmere, wool/silk, Super 100's, Super 70's, Cool wool, wool/cotton and other blends are being produced, which are designed by a famous Italian designer. The products offered include premium quality fabrics, formal and haute couture designer garments. The versatile fabric range includes exotic wool blends like wool/silk, wool cashmere; high quality pure virgin merino wool in super 120's, super 100's and super 70's; and wool blends like wool/cotton, wool/polyester and wool/acrylic, etc. Traditionally the woollen fabrics were only considered suitable for winter wear in Pakistan but the light weight pure and wool cotton blends produced by Lawrencepur are popularly worn throughout the year.

The garment collection is trendy, uniquely tailored and depicts quality finish and best fitting. The collection includes pret-a-porter suits, trousers and haute couture range consisting of jackets, overcoats, trench coats, waist coats, Norfolks and Alpines. Furthermore, an exclusive service for made-to-measure suits is also available for the more discerning customers.

Lawrencepur has a wide range of attire suitable for all ages, moods and seasons. That is the reason the Lawrencepur brand is considered user friendly, easy to wear, easy to care, easy to handle, and easy to attract.

In order to keep pace with the ever changing customer needs, Lawrencepur has an in-house design & development department having a creative team of professional fabric and garment designers. These designers produce fabrics & garments collections which are always in line with the latest fashion trends, besides being easy and comfortable to wear.

Lawrencepur aims to maintain its passion for excellence in quality, fashion and customer care. These strengths are likely to help the brand maintain its leadership in the textile market for years to come.