Aug 29 - Sep 04, 2005


Pakistanis were introduced to the fascinating world of mobile phones back in the early nineties when a few international firms expressed their interest in this market. Many of these pulled out even before any decision was taken owing to the uncertain political and economic situation in the country at that time, which negatively affected the country's business sectors. But one company stood firm and slowly and steadily established itself as a true leader and innovator in this challenging new field of cellular communications. Paktel, Pakistan's premier cellular company has climbed the stairs of success to become the fastest growing company of the country in the industry and gain the trust of the people of this land.

At a time when the term 'mobile telephony' was unheard of, Paktel not only introduced a new technology to its consumers but also helped formulate policies and framework for operations of other mobile service companies. Further, it contributed significantly to HR development in the sector, lending expertise to new competition, where there was none.

Paktel is a company with remarkable beginnings and a strong heritage. Paktel's parent company, MIC (Millicom International Cellular), is one of the leading developers and operators of cellular telephone services worldwide with operations in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, with interests in 17 cellular operations in 16 countries. The company's principal shareholder is Investment AB Kinnevik and subsidiaries. Kinnevik is a holding company with interests in the media and telecommunications business, including television, satellite transmission and radio and also in paper mills.

Paktel draws its technical expertise from Tele2, which has close to 28 million customers and offers products and services in fixed and mobile telephony, Internet access, data networks, cable TV and content services.

The launch of their GSM services is a living proof of this. The eagerly awaited launch made waves in the industry because of excellent backend technology and the most affordable tariff structures. The company made sure that the launch of the GSM network is the biggest in the history of cellular services in Pakistan. Paktel GSM started services from 150 cities simultaneously - a record that remains still unbeaten . More and more have been added to this list continuously. Today, Paktel GSM has one of the widest network coverage spanning more than 200 cities and a subscriber base of more than 1 million. The company is expected to have a customer base of more than two million connections on its new network in the near future.

Adding to this, the Paktel team adopted an aggressive strategy and launched many value added services that made it clearly the best network to be on. Paktel maintained its reputation of being the first mover and set the standards for all others to follow. This practice has made Paktel customers the best beneficiaries. Paktel's latest GSM network gained immense popularity with the public for its efficient service and reliability and for the most economic tariff structure in the country.

The company then received an overwhelming response to its latest offer whereby customers actually get paid to receive calls! This is the first time ever in the history of the cellular industry of the country that a company is rewarding its customers to receive calls also. Now every incoming call earns Rs. 0.25 per minute for Paktel customers.

Taking another bold step forward, Paktel GSM announced that it will absorb all nationwide and interconnect calling costs on its prepaid package and provide a simple flat rate of Rs. 3.75 per minute plus 15% sales tax to its prepaid customers. This essentially means that Paktel will not be charging anything extra on all calls made locally or countrywide.

Paktel GSM has taken customer care yet another notch higher by introducing free on line Call Record information. All Paktel GSM pre-paid subscribers can now obtain full details of all their calls from the company's website. This is the first such initiative taken by any company for its prepaid clients and re-emphasizes Paktel's unwavering commitment to excelling in customer service and creating a clear differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace. Prepaid customers can now see the entire activity log of their accounts till the very last activity since this is an automated process and it shows the most recent records as well.

The company has also introduced a dynamic validity period system that allows customers to have unlimited validity of cards based on the activities within the specified period. Now, whenever a customer uses his/her Paktel GSM connection, his/her validity period automatically increases by 60 days, making it valid for his/her lifetime.

The industry leader in innovative customer service achieved another first by launching a Personalized Fun Greeting Service for its users. Now Paktel GSM users can send and share their feelings and emotions in a unique way i.e. by sending pre-recorded messages to their friends and family members. Customers can receive these greetings on a mobile number of any network. The service gives customers the freedom to send personalized greetings to their loved ones on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, births, marriages and so on and the service is also a reflection of the company's Dil to Aik Hai theme.

The new service offers great convenience in usage and customers need only to call a code, 440, and be guided automatically through different messages to choose from. The Fun 440 Greetings are a welcome addition to a host of other innovative value added customer services that Paktel has previously come up with, including balance transfer and easy share facilities.

Apart from leading the cellular industry in Pakistan, Paktel has proven itself to be a caring corporate citizen as well. The company has organized and sponsored many events and drives that are beneficial for the common man. These include the country's first ever international kites festival and the sponsorship of the first ever beach rescue service in Pakistan. The service has been initially launched at Clifton Sea View beach, which receives thousands of visitors daily, especially in the hot summer months and who run the serious risk of drowning as most of them do not know how to swim.

Under the agreement Paktel GSM has sponsored PALS to set up an emergency rescue service with 10 trained lifeguards patrolling the Clifton Sea View beach seven days a week. PALS is fully responsible for operating the service, which includes marking of no-go areas with flag towers, rescuing people who may be in danger of drowning and providing first aid.

Today, the success of mobile communications lies in the ability to provide instant connectivity and high-speed data services to the mobile user any time anywhere. Paktel GSM has made this possible in a short span of time - for one nation, with one common expression, one common voice, and one choice.