Aug 29 - Sep 04, 2005


MicroTech Industries Pvt. Ltd is a multi-discipline engineering organization dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of hi-tech products; providing comprehensive solutions in many fields ranging from telecommunication, power electronics to industrial automation. MicroTech has come a long way since its inception in 1992 to secure for itself the status of being a leading R&D based engineering concern in Pakistan. With over 12 years of experience, MicroTech has successfully launched numerous engineering products/projects both within and outside Pakistan. The brilliance of the company's workmanship has earned it both recognition and numerous accolades at different forums. Recognized to be at the forefront of technological entrepreneurship, MicroTech takes pride in having won a Gold Medal at IT & Telecom Asia-2003 for being declared the No.1 Company in Pakistan in the field of Telecommunication Research & Development. In 2004, MicroTech Lab was given the Business Excellence Award by the Federal Minister of Industries & Production.


MicroTech is expanding its operations both locally and internationally. MicroTech's widespread network of customer service centers that spans almost all the metropolitans of Pakistan predicates the emphasis it places on customer care and convenience. It enjoys a dominant market share in the payphone industry as it supplies equipment to 190 out of the total (nearly) 230 operational payphone companies in Pakistan. The company is also providing the first electronic energy meters to WAPDA that will replace the existing inefficient mechanical meters. MicroTech's activities have also stretched to include the telecom services in countries like Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.


The business model of the company is based on commercializing new and innovative products and services in the high technology domain that meets the criteria of affordability and morality. MicroTech is moving forward strategically & systematically and has exhibited an exponential increase in its sales since its inception in 1992. The management of MicroTech is vigilant of any profitable opportunities that may come as a result of changes in the government regulatory environment. Amongst such efforts is its deliberation to compete for the award of licence to provide infrastructure and services for transmission of Long Distance International and Local Loop voice-data traffic in Pakistan. For this purpose it has been able to successfully pull together a JV with International partners.


All along, MicroTech has been dedicated to the production of solutions of international standards by optimally integrating the best techniques of technological R&D and business development. The intention is to elevate this organization to the level of an institution that can serve to groom & develop its continually expanding workforce so that they can take on the technological challenges the future may have in store.


People at MicroTech enjoy a set of shared beliefs, which drives them forward and binds them together as a well-knit cohesive unit. Ethics, not profits, drive their passion for advanced technologies. They strive to develop, implement and market only such products and solutions that will positively contribute to the lifestyles and thinking patterns of the vast communities they serve.

The workforce at MicroTech is the real source of its competitive advantage. A team of over 500 professionals is continuously aggrandizing the company as it proceeds on its journey of never-ending innovation.

MicroTech envisions mutually beneficial long term relationships with its customers, employees, suppliers and communities; founded upon respect for self and others, respect for truth and fairness, providing benefit and building goodwill for all. MTL believes that the total satisfaction of all its concerns will pave the way for long term success in this era of fierce competition.


Quality is more than an overused 'buzzword' at MicroTech. Its continuous pursuit of quality is reflected in the products & services it offers. MicroTech is certified to ISO 9001:2000 whose scope of registration applies to hardware design, manufacturing, repair and associated services of telecom and power products.

With its sales/distribution network poised for rapid expansion, MicroTech will capitalize on opportunities to further improve its client relationships and market share in both local and global arena.


MicroTech is uniquely poised due to its vision, commitment, financial resources and team of dedicated people. It feels that with the growth in its relationship with strategic partners around the globe, it can better identify and more aptly materialize new possibilities of lucrative business ventures.