Aug 22 - 28, 2005



Preston University organized a seminar on "Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan in the Emerging World Order." The seminar was organized at the Islamabad Campus of Preston, as a part of the university's endeavor to contribute towards nation building by brain storming on major burning issues of national and international concern.
The incumbent British High Commissioner, H. E. Mark Lyall Grant was the chief guest on the occasion. Distinguished former diplomats and political/foreign relations analysts spoke on the subject of the seminar. Addressing the participants on the occasion, the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom, Mr. Mark Lyall Grant, courageously confessed that Britain truly had made a mistake of holding the settlement of the Kashmir issue in abeyance at the time of partition of India. Had it settled the issue of Kashmir then the problem would



have stood resolved and would not have acquired the chronic and unresolvable proportions that it has today. In view of this inadvertent oversight, Mr. Grant said today his country is making serious efforts to bring about a peaceful settlement of this unremitting dispute between the two nuclear powers of the region.

The High Commissioner of the United Kingdom, H. E. Mr. Mark Lyall Grant, is seen responding to a question from the audience, at the seminar. Seated on the dais (L) is Dr. B. A. Malik, Professor of Management and Philosophy, Preston.


PICIC Commercial Bank has started operating its newly established state-of-the-art call center that has been provided by ZRG International, the market leader in the local call center industry. This call center will provide answers to customer inquiries, telephone banking and complaint registration services. The bank plans to support the existing and upcoming products and promotions through the call center.

On this occasion, Mr. Tauseef Ahmed, SEVP PICIC Commercial Bank explained that "the operations of PICIC Commercial Bank are growing and to support the increasing requirements of self-service telephone banking, effective complaint management and need for documentation, the Bank wanted to set up a flexible and effective Call Center facility from where it could provide information and services to its existing and potential customers, 24 hours a day."

The key criteria for awarding the contract included a reliable and future safe technology and a dependable solution provider that has a proven track record of performance. PICIC Bank management evaluated several offerings from local and international market and after careful consideration, selected the open standards based, cost effective and a proven call center solution by ZRG International.

According to the bank officials, PICIC Commercial Bank selected ZRG solution because of the reliability and flexibility of the solution, open standards based technology, locally available resources for customization and excellent track record of ZRG International for banking call centers in Pakistan. ZRG integrated call center solutions are installed and working satisfactorily at majority of the banking call centers in Pakistan. "We are very pleased with ZRG's performance, knowledge and dedication in making the project successful," Mr. Tauseef Ahmed added.

Mr. Ayub Butt, CEO, ZRG International, commenting on the occasion, said:"Call center solution based on Open Standards allows maximum integration and scalability to the customers. ZRG solution is a completely integrated "one-window" solution and is unlike other traditional style mix-and-match combination of various 3rd party components that are being offered in the market. Based on our experience of 11 years in the call center industry, we have seen that the companies that select immature and not-ready technologies from big global brands have faced a lot of frustration and delays because the expected functionality is simply not readily available in these solutions and there is a lot of dependence on overseas based expertise. In comparison, the organizations with qualified IT-savvy professionals are selecting open standards based proven technology and are getting better than expected results very quickly. It is, therefore, not surprising that majority of successful banking call centers have chosen ZRG call center solution."


PICIC Commercial Bank has started the operation of the newly established Telephone Banking call center. The call center will provide a wide range of services including answers to frequently asked questions about products, account status and complaint registration. PICIC Commercial Bank has made this significant investment to provide prompt and high quality customer care services to its growing customer base. The contract was awarded to ZRG international, Pakistan's market leader in flexible call center solutions.



ZRG solution provides all the latest tools and capabilities required to successfully operate and manage today's Telephone Banking Call Center. These tools include a highly intelligent ACD, Voice Recorder, CTI, IVR, integration with multiple databases and a comprehensive Contact Management System. ZRG open standards based Telephone Banking solution has become the preferred choice for Banking and other call centers due to the reliability, flexibility, high level of customization capabilities and independence from proprietary and closed technologies.


AKD Trade, first online brokerage firm in Pakistan, has signed an agreement with DANCOM Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, to provide AKD Trade customers with 64K DSL Internet/VPN connection at unbelievably discounted rates.

On behalf of AKD the agreement was signed by Mr. Nadeem Naqvi, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Ashfaq Gaffar, Chief Operating Officer, and on behalf of DANCOM, Mr. M. Luqman Kamil, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Muhammad Asif Raza, Chief Financial Officer.

Some of the benefits of 64K DSL Internet/VPN connection are as following:

The Internet browsing speed will increase, as it will be a dedicated 64K Internet connection. Even if the Internet is down AKD customers will be able to perform their trading activities as AKD website is on a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with Dancom. With the DSL connection, phone and Internet can be used at the same time. There will be no dialup charges. Dancom will also waive the setup and installation charges for AKD customers plus the first 1000 AKD customers subscribing for this service will be eligible for free modem.


With enhanced features and value-added services, Union Gold is all set to re-define the rules of the market. This was stated by Ghufran A. Khan, Director Consumer Assets Group, Union Bank Limited, on the occasion of the launch of the Union Bank Visa Gold Card.

"Union Gold offers all the exclusive benefits of Visa Gold. With our slogan 'You Deserve to Move Up,' we are offering our customers to move up with Union Bank Gold card. We want all our customers to feel special, by recognizing and rewarding their achievements in life," said Mujtaba Naqvi, Business Manager, Union Gold.

"Not only our existing Union Bank Visa Classic card customers but all new customers will also be able to become the proud holders of the prestigious Union Gold cards, in order to utilize the services and features, which no other bank offers," he said.

Union Gold offers 1 (one) percent Cash Back on all retail transactions and Balance Transfer Facility (BTF). Similarly, repayment has been made affordable than ever before, keeping in mind the customer convenience.

Similarly, another unique feature 'Home Secure' offers a comprehensive insurance plan to the Union Gold members in case they suffer loss of home contents including jewelry and cash, resulting from fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, burglary and armed hold-ups.


Call Mate Telips Telecom Limited (CTTL) is planning to introduce a truly global calling card soon. This was stated by Mr. Ajmal Ansari, CEO CTTL.

Highlighting the features of this new card, Mr. Ajmal Ansari said: "CTTL is a company which have a large number of loyal customers who prefer the telecom products of CTTL. Keeping in mind the convenience of these consumers, and also to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis living in different parts of the world, we have decided to introduce this new calling card which can be used for making calls to Pakistan from all the major countries of the world. Consumers can make the call to and from Pakistan using the access code 1257 for general users and 1380 for our corporate customers."

He further said: "We are working in a way to improve our existing service and are planning to take them to new heights. By introducing our new hassle free and high quality corporate product, we are sure that organizations can save upto 10%- 15% on there out station call expenses."

To acknowledge the services of Mr. Azmat Hussain, Marketing & Corporate head CTTL, the organizers presented him Architect of IT Award at this year's exhibition.

CTTL's stall witnessed a large turn-out of visitors on all three days of ITCN Asia-2005. Representatives of a number of local and foreign companies also showed keen interest in the new corporate telecom service introduced by CTTL and assured the company of installing this service in their offices and factories.

Callmate Telips telecom limited (CTTL) have this unique distinction to be the first company in Pakistan to enter in pay phone and calling cards. Keeping in consideration our past trends, we will be the first LDI operator in Pakistan to start full fledge operations. Our participation in this exhibition will play a pivotal role in creating awareness among the masses about the new state of the art telecom services CTTL is planning to introduce in the local market.

Call Mate Telips Telecom Limited (CTTL) took part in ITCN Asia-2005 and launched their new corporate telecom services. Consumers can save 10%- 15% on their monthly outstation call expenses by using this new service of CTTL. Photograph shows the visitors getting detailed information about this product from CTTL's stall set up during this exhibition.