Aug 15 - Aug 21, 2005 
ISSUE # 33 

Pakistani banks have been quick over the years to introduce Islamic Banking in their overall traditional system based on age-old concept of conventional banking.
However, despite much hype of switching over to the Islamic Banking raised from time to time certain interesting factors came to light when PAGE undertook a survey on the progress achieved worldwide on the new concept. Firstly, contrary to popular belief and expectations only 30-40 per cent of banks in the Islamic countries have adopted Islamic banking. This also includes Saudi Arabia.

The cutting edge information technology, which is taking roots even in the lowest strata of society, is sure to weed out all conventional ills created by the lethargic, inefficient and corrupt elements.
Mustafa Kamal, provincial Minister for Information Technology, though apparently youthful but with sharp and discerning eyes, told PAGE that over 18 significant IT projects which are in the final phase, would bring a pleasant surprise for the people at economic and social fronts of the province.
Introduction of e-policing has been initiated in view of making the police-citizen relationship easier as compared to time consuming procedures while dealing with the police.