July 11 - July 17, 2005 
ISSUE # 28 

Investments through badla system decline continuously from the average of Rs24 billion to mere Rs12.7 billion on July 1 from Rs14.9 billion rupees a week ago. Several banks had announced and allocated amounts for margin financing, yet they failed to make the product practicable in line with the requirement. Phasing out the conventional but easy financing system known as badla was creating a huge gap in demand and supply of financing which ultimately forcing the trade volumes to shrink drastically.





Internet Connectivity finally returned to life Friday last, paralyzing the entire socio-economic life due to disrupted communication network for almost 11 days in the country. According to PTCL, Dubai-based experts have restored the fault developed in the undersea cable near Karachi.
Pakistan's telecom sector, which has lately emerged as one of the fastest growing sector of the country, however carries a big question mark about its gigantic infrastructure which caved in to a tiny fault merely 12 km Southwest of Karachi coast in deep Arabian Sea.

Chenab Limited, an export-oriented textile player having a credit to introduce Made-in-Pakistan brand in diversified textile products in the domestic as well as European markets, has made Initial Public Offering (IPO) of its 30 million shares at a price of Rs18 each from Karachi Stock Market.