July 04 - July 10, 2005 
ISSUE # 27 

Provenly, sports offer a pitch for successful business. When advertisers are selling something, whether it's a chocolate or soap, they want to present it in the best possible light. One way of doing so is by showing attractive models using and enjoying the products. After all, why would you buy something if people didn't seem happy using it? To help sell their service, international business houses have used famous smiling faces to the best effects. Along with actors and musicians, well-known professional athletes are often popular choices as pitchmen.



Generally the cement manufacturers are alleged to have established a cartel in the country and increasing the prices off and on and that too without any economic justification. However, it is also important to find out reasons for the recent hike in cement prices. It may be true that cement demand is surpassing production, which provides an opportunity to unscrupulous elements to exploit the situation. It is also true that the rise in fuel cost is also a major factor responsible for the rising prices. The government does not like the situation and wants the manufacturers to bring down price of cement by improving supply, even at the cost of curtailing exports.

Financial year 2004-05 turned out to be good year for the equities as well as debt instrument markets. The government was able to take full advantage of the vibrant equities market as offering of shares of state owned enterprises dominated the market. However, public offering of United Bank failed to attract the response and remained undersubscribed. There were 16 stock offerings (including Eye Television and Zephyr Textile as these were fully underwritten), which is the highest number since 1996, surpassing the mark of 13 set in 2004. Another unique feature this time is that all the 16 offerings were first-time offers (IPOs), as against previous years where the government offloaded shares of already listed companies.