June 27 - July 03, 2005 
ISSUE # 26 

The paradigm shift that started more than a decade ago has brought visible changes in the banking landscape. The positive point is that the central bank is following a consultative approach, which is yielding good results. Banks have become stronger to face internal and external pressures. A lot has been done but a lot more remains to be done. There is no room for complacency. A strong and vibrant financial sector is a must to sustain higher economic growth rate.





Pakistan's trade missions abroad, which aim to tap markets for new products and enhance volume of exports, have recommended a series of recommendations for the up-coming trade policy 2005-06, suggesting special incentives to packaging industry as the country lags far behind in quality presentation of products in international markets. Almost all trade missions abroad have sent the proposals, seeking increased trade incentives for tapping new markets for the country's products, specifically focusing the packaging industry in Pakistan.

The first ever visit by a Pakistani head of the state to Australia and New Zealand undertaken by President Musharraf during the last week in pursuance of "look East" policy of the present government, ended on a positive note. It seems that the President's visits to these countries would be bringing something more to Pakistan than sports like cricket and hockey.