June 06 - 12, 2005




"Pakistan is open to business with very attractive opportunities for investment for trade and for Turkish contractors to participate in our infrastructure development programmes."

(Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said during bilateral talks with Turkish counterpart, Tayyip Erdogan)

"We are honestly trying our best to improve bilateral relations with Pakistan but there are some problems which I hope will be overcome."

(Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh last month has expressed the hope that the recently concluded talks with Pakistan would lead to a solution between the two countries)

"Our fiscal and current account deficits were very high which had to be controlled. As a result of these deficits, the debt increased and so did its servicing cost. This eliminated Pakistan's fiscal space, and almost 50% of government revenues were going into interest payments and loans were taken even for current expenditures."

(Dr. Salman Shah, Adviser to PM on finance, revenues and economic affairs expressed his views on the current economic situation)

"After a major economic boom in which many have made huge profits in a short period of time, the real estate sector and the share market have lost the attraction for small investors."

(An official of a commercial bank, pointed out in an interview to a local English newspaper)

"Foreign Exchange reserves of the country decreased by $106.7 million to $12.600 billions in the week ending May 28."

(A statement issued by State Bank)

"Bari Imam shrine incident is a deplorable demonstration of barbarism." [MMA spokesman]

(Political leaders condemned the attack on Bari Imam shrine)

"We are willing to see an American contribution to a coordinated withdrawal from the Gaza Strip."

(An official from Sharon's office expressed his wish regarding American contribution)

"A chapter of film industry has been closed with the death of Rangeela."

(Whole film industry has expressed deep sorrow on the death of famous Pakistani comedian and filmstar Rangeela)



"The peace process has become irreversible as people from both sides, belonging to all sections of the society desire settlement of disputes."

(Veteran Indian politician Mr. Lal Kirshan Advani said in a separate meeting with MMA leader Moulana Fazul Rehman, here in Karachi)

"The index level of 8000 appears to be the next bull target if all goes well with the federal budget and the rumoured incentives."

(One of the Karachi Stock Exchange brokers claimed)

"Pakistan's budget deficit went upto Rs131 billion in nine months of this fiscal year from Rs71 billion in the same period last fiscal year, showing an increase of 84.5 pc."

(According to the latest data on fiscal operations)

"Due to higher input cost, mainly because of high utility charges and rapidly increasing mark-up rates, the cost of production has lately increased manifold and a large number of units in Karachi have already been shut down."

(Shabir Ahmed, Chairman Pakistan Bedwear Exporters Association, urged government to encourage and support exports of bedwear)

"The Bush administration prefers to resolve all the trade issues with China through negotiation rather than legislation."

(US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said on arrival in Beijing)

"With the cooperation of our strategic and financial partners, we are going aggressive for future projects in diversified operations especially in Middle East and Africa."

(Obaid Saeed Bin Mes'har, CEO of Etisalat International quoted as saying)

"Bigger projects are in the pipeline to meet Dubai's consumption forecast and projected growth demand due to huge construction and development projects."

(Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, Managing Director & CEO of Dewa said while unveiling major capacity-building plan)

"Total bilateral trade between South Africa and UAE during 2004 was worth $610 million (Dh2.24 billion)."

(Dikgang Moopeloa, Ambassador of South Africa to the UAE, said)

"India wants a new world trade pact that would prevent the United States and other countries from taking steps to ban companies from outsourcing jobs."

(A top Indian official quoted as saying)