Apr 18 - 24, 2005



The first-ever Tourism and Real Estate Exhibition in Kuwait was inaugurated by MP and former Minister of Commerce and Industry, Salah Khurshid, last Monday. The exhibition was organized by the Expo Team establishment for organizing exhibitions and conferences at the Kuwait Regency Hotel.

Speaking on the occasion, Khurshid described the event as a wonderful harmony of real estate, participating countries and prices. "This absolutely gives a wonderful impression of the great faith consumers had in owning the kinds of services displayed in the exhibition," said Khurshid. Holding similar exhibitions throughout the year was a significant sign of how strong Kuwait's economy was getting. Further, Khurshid pointed out that Kuwait was witnessing a major tourism boom that can be traced in revamping Failaka Island or building new chalets for both citizens and expatriates. "I hope we can see more varieties in future projects," added Khurshid calling on the government to show more interest in tourism and recreational projects that could become a great source for national income. "This is the first time in Kuwait's history when both stocks and real estate markets make simultaneous advances," reiterated Khurshid attributing that to the abundance of liquid funds and the growing trust in the national economy. Commenting on some current projects, such as the Bubyan and Failaka Islands, Khurshid stressed the necessity that the government granting more development project to the private sector investors to attract more funds and avoid unnecessary biddings. Khurshid also expected both real estate and stock market to continue flourishing adding Kuwait is a small country with limited land resources so it is imperative for us to expand vertically.

Speaking about the role of media, Khurshid praised the role played by the new Mishkat Satellite TV Channel, a main sponsor of the exhibition, in promoting and presenting various tourism and real estate services. On his part, Expo Team manager, Hussein Hamzah reiterated that Expo had been so keen on making this exhibition a success by attracting more companies and investors into it. He added that combining both tourism and real estate sectors in one exhibition initiated a new concept in organising exhibitions. "Good impressions tourists make about countries they visit might increase the number of tourists and even prompt many of them to buy their own property," explained Hamzah. He said that Expo had resorted to introducing examples of various kinds of tourism during the exhibition in addition to a daily draw on very valuable prizes, including air tickets to London, Cyprus, Cairo, Dubai and Turkey and a daily KD 200 prize. "The grand prize will be won on the final day. It's a remarkable land plot in Oman plus two roundtrip tickets and three-day stay in the Hilton," added Hamzah.




Land Rover's new LR3 vehicle, the most technologically advanced Land Rover that 4x4 company has ever built offering capability experience on and off road, was launched in Kuwait recently. "The LR3 is a new generation Land Rover that redefines limits and breaks new ground in the luxury 4x4 sector. Having endured the toughest testing programs of any consumer vehicle to date, the LR3 has been put through its paces over four million miles and across five continents," said Keith Dotson, Vice-president Operations Land Rover Ali Alghanim & Sons at the press conference that preceded the official launch of the vehicle. He added: "The all new state-of-the-art LR3 is bold and distinctive in design. It has design features that are similar to the Range Rover model, and is instantly recognizable as a Land Rover". Representatives of the company explained that Land Rover's all-new LR3 is a technology-packed, premium SUV designed to deliver outstanding performance, on and off-road. On his part Andy Gawthorpe, Managing Director, Land Rover, Middle East and Africa said: "this is important, particularly for our the Middle East markets, where there is great demand for luxury cars, but also where the off-road challenges are literally available to drivers every day". LR3 is the first vehicle wholly developed by the new management team that took over Land Rover in July 2000, following the purchase by Ford Motor Company. It replaces the current Discovery, one of the best-selling SUVs in its class. Specific features of the LR3 include excellent visibility from the renowned Land Rover Command driving position and elevated 'stadium seating' in the rear, more flexibility and easy access from wide doors, asymmetric two-piece tailgate and space for seven passengers. The LR3 new technology set features Land Rover's patented Terrain Response system. "The driver simply chooses one of five terrain settings via a chunky rotary dial on the centre console: a general driving program, plus one for slippery conditions (known as grass/gravel/snow) and three special off-road modes, namely sand," read a press release of the company. Another innovation, the company highlights, is Land Rover's Integrated Body-frame, a new type of vehicle architecture that combines the torsional rigidity, car-like handling and refinement of a monocoque (or unitary) body with the strength and versatility of a traditional ladder-frame, as used on many SUVs.



Courtesy Kuwait Times