By M. Tariq Shamim Durrani
 Apr 18 - 24, 2005




A university education is a gateway to new ideas and a life-time learning. It gives an opportunity to develop new skills and test your abilities and a springboard to independence. For most people university education also helps in preparation for a job. But your goal should be more than just finding employment. Your first full-time job after your graduation or post-graduation should serve as a launching pad to a successful career. But choosing a specialization field for making it as a career could be a difficult decision.

Most of the students of business studies at the time of choosing specialization field look confused about choosing their career. The article could be very fruitful for those who are inclined towards choosing marketing as the specialization or even those merely thinking about it.

Marketing guru, Philip Kotler defines marketing as 'a social and managerial process whereby individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. Though the process starts with the creation of demand and ends with the delivery of goods and services. It's a definition by marketing guru but I, with my little knowledge, perceive marketing as the creation of innovative ideas and interaction with public through product and services.

One who knows little about marketing should be aware of the major areas of marketing as it is a very broad and dynamic field and in the start of the career you have to choose a sub field of it. We may divide marketing into following sub fields.

1. Brand Management
2. Sales Management
3. Marketing Research
4. Advertising
5. Public Relations
6. Supply Chain Management
7. Retail Management

There may be more sub fields but the most prominent fields are mentioned below:


Brand Management deals with the decisions about the name, packaging, labeling and other aspects of the product itself. Brand managers are responsible for planning and directing the entire marketing program for a given product or group of products.

You must have good analytical skills and need to be tactful and persuasive. You must have a creative and innovative nature to excel in this field.


The main function of sales promotion is to tie together the activities in personal selling and advertising. Effective sales promotion requires imagination and creativity, coupled with a sound foundation in marketing fundamentals. One aspect of sales promotion is the design and creation of retailers' in-store displays and window displays. Another aspect deals with trade shows and other company exhibits.

Most of the guys don't opt for this field because of its outdoor aspect but the field is very challenging. If you are thinking to join the field then you must have strong convincing, linguistic and communication skills. In Pakistani environment, it becomes difficult for ladies to tackle the outdoor sales operations. On the other hand its very charm-full and challenging. Growth opportunities are very high in it.




Marketing researchers are problem solvers. They collect and analyze masses of information. Thus they need an aptitude for precise, analytical work. Some quantitative skills are needed, particularly an understanding of statistics. Generally there are fewer jobs in marketing research than in Sales or Retailing. If you are good in statistical tools then the field could be very suitable for you.


Opportunities in advertising can be found in many different jobs in various organizations like Advertisers, including manufacturers, retailers and service firms. Many of these firms place their own ads. Various media (including newspapers, radio and TV stations, magazines and the Internet) that carry ads. Advertising agencies that specialize in creating and producing individual ads and entire promotion campaigns.

Jobs in advertising encompass a number of aptitudes and interests; artistic, creative, managerial, research and sales. The advertising field holds real opportunity for the artistic or creative person. So If you believe that you have possesses mentioned qualities then the field is for you.


The Public Relations department is a valuable connection between an organization and public. The job of public relations is to protect the desired company image. If you are good in communication and can manage yourself in crises and tackle difficult situation, you can excel in the field of Public Relations.


Supply Chain Management deals with the purchase of raw material, inventory control and distribution of finished goods and products. It involves the upstream and downstream of material and finished products. The field involves jobs in purchasing, logistics, warehousing and inventory control.


The field of retailing involves jobs at departmental stores involving direct customer dealing and personal selling skills. One can apply his/her retailing skills in own business.


Marketing is a very dynamic field and it needs a lot of enthusiasm, motivation and eager to grow. Business Studies graduates must have an insight about it before choosing it as a specialization. You can select mentioned fields according to your skills and interest but whatever field you select, devotion and enthusiasm is mandatory.

The author holds the Masters degree in Public Administration with dual specialization in Marketing and Human Resource Management. He is currently working as Executive Marketing in Cambridge Garment Industries and has an internship experience in Indus Motor Co., PSO and NCR.