Mar 28 - Apr 03, 2005




"Let me make it clear that we will continue our diplomatic, political and moral support to the people of Kashmir until they achieve their goal."

(Gen. Pervez Musharraf said while addressing the Pakistan Day parade in Islamabad)

"Bush and Modi two sides of the same coin"

(Ajay Bose an Indian journalist commenting in his column over media war between both leaders after Bush administration rejected Modi's visa application on the ground of 'Godhra carnage and the communal bloodbath in Gujrat', adding that both leaders have had outstanding success in using a lethal combine of religious evangelism and local chauvinism to score impressive electoral victories)

"Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter what ups and downs you come across in your life."

(Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on his website. The Asian Age)

"I am coming for you, Mr. Blair, but I'm going to do it in a civilized way."

(Reg Keys, 52, father of a British soldier killed in Iraq announced in a news conference at the London studio of his plan to challenge Prime Minister Tony Blair for his seat in Parliament, adding that he dressed his son for funeral, combed his beautiful blond hair and tried to avert his vision from the side of his face that had been blown off "CBC channel quoting AP report")

"Pakistan to host US troops against Iran in return for F-16."

(Asia Times, quoting US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher confirming that the issue of the sale of F-16 aircraft to Pakistan did come up during Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's recent visit to Islamabad, and in return Washington may have sought President Musharraf's cooperation in dealing with Iran., he also thanked Musharraf for Pakistan's superb support in the war on terror)

"We have started operation code named Ops Kutip against Pakistanis who end up marrying debtors' daughters."

(Daily Express News of East Malaysia quoting immigration department's official)

"If President Musharraf wants to discuss any issues during his visit, India will be willing to do so. He can also discuss any issue during his visit to India, besides watching a cricket match."

(Indian External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh said while addressing the Lok Sabha)

"Fighting Corruption is an excuse to deny democracy to Pakistani intellectuals in the West and are beginning to question the wisdom of that argument"

(Husain Haqqani a Pakistani-origin Visiting Scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Associate Professor of International Relations at Boston University comment in a significant article published in the Washington Post)

"How ignorant and corrupt a nation could be if it foresees people like Benazir Bhutto, Zardaris, Sharifs and General Musharraf as promising leaders who looted its honor and wealth and jeopardized its very existence?"

(Mahboob A. Khawaja in his article to the Media Monitors Network of USA published on Tuesday 22, March 2005)

"Whenever my boss called me in his room, I began to tremble. I knew what it meant. It meant he wanted to rape me again....He forced me to sleep with him. He said dirty things to me and made me watch pornography while he raped me. He also used many red plastic sex aids. He also used to bring his friend to have sex with me and also told me to bring girls from Diepsloot because he wanted me to watch while he had sex with them."



(The Star newspaper reporting a shocking ordeal of Rose a 38-year-old domestic worker on March 24, 2005. She was kept by a Johannesburg businessman as a sex slave for three months. The businessman (who cannot be named until he pleads to charges against him) was arrested on March 14 and appeared the following day in the Randburg magistrate's court on charges of rape. He was granted bail)

"I think the real dishonesty of the British government's position is that Tony Blair could not be frank with the British people about the real reason why he believed Britain had to be part of an invasion on Iraq which was to prove to the US president that we were his most reliable, most sound ally."

(Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary who resigned over the Iraq war, speaks in BBC's program Panorama regarding the prime minister's actions)

"Experts are of the view that in the eventuality of Musharraf's sudden exit, his test-tube created system will evaporate like a bubble, and Pakistan would suffer inconceivable chaos, anarchy and civil strife."

(Wajid Shamsul Hasan former Pakistan High Commissioner to UK who last week accompanied ex-PM Benazir Bhutto to meet British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in London commenting over Pakistan's present and future in his article. Part of excerpts published in SATribune)

"Now, Pakistan is unstable, because it depends on one man for governance. So the US has to be careful not to act too harshly, if Pakistan is isolated, what will it lead to? So US should initiate an intense and secret discussion with India regarding the future of Pakistan, including contingency planning."

(Pakistan Times reported former US Ambassador Robert D. Blackwill while talking on India-US relations in (Bangalore) India.)

"After a research revealed the shocking extent of domestic violence and abuse in the United States, Americans are being urged to recycle old cell phones to help victims."

(The call 'Donate a Phone, Save a Life' comes in response to new research by The Body Shop showing almost 157 million Americans that's more than half of the adult population (56%) personally know someone who has suffered at the hands of a violent partner)

"PPP was ready for the deal if Gen Musharraf accepted Ms Bhutto as prime minister and withdrew all cases against her."

(Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Pakistan People's Party (PPP) senior vice chairman, commenting over deadlock in the dialogues with government, after meeting Benazir Bhutto)