Mar 28 - Apr 03, 2005 
ISSUE # 13 

The nation observe the Pakistan Day as an annual feature to pay homage to the father of the nation, yet the guiding principle of Unity-Faith-Discipline which was the soul of the Quaid's will to the nation was missing from all spheres of social, economic and political life in our country.
The dream of the people, to achieve a homeland where they could live in peace and harmony, has yet to come true even after 58 years of inception of this country.





The national economy has been emerging out of the recessionary straits that it has been mired for about three quarters of the last decade. Indications coming along suggest higher than targeted growth in GDP, particularly from the manufacturing sector. State Bank of Pakistan, which released its six-monthly report on March 21, narrated a promising outlook of the overall state of country's economy through two lethals but integral components. Inflation and interest rates surging on equally faster pace, which could mar the current pace of growth in coming years.

Till recently, the Pakistan was termed the best performing market in the region. Despite the recent unceremonious fall, it still remains the best performing market. However, one has all the reasons to raise the finger at the regulators for the recent debacle. They did not take the notice when the bubble was developing but their belated measures pricked it. Then were the fire-fighting measures, which added to the confusion only.