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Abdul Wasay Siddiqui & Co was established in October, 1985 with the objectives to do business through: contracting in the field of Pipeline & Utility Construction, Fabrication & Installation of Hydrocarbon Processing Plants and Oil Refineries. The main office situated at # 709, Fortune Center, 45-A, Block # 06, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi, is equipped with facilities to carry out, engineering, designing, preparing construction specification materials and B.O.Q., Computer Aided Designing while the field office (Construction Camp) is located at Town Matli, District Badin, Sind, Pakistan, with provision of free accommodation, messing & medical facilities for 150 project personnel. Matli Camp is mobile and ready to take challenges and able to any part of the country for construction of pipeline.

The company has its own Non-Destructive Testing facilities for their projects. With the matchless combination of WELDING & NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING, A.W.S. & Co. warrants QUALITY in performance through pipeline laying whether it could be of Carbon Steel or Alloy Steel.


Mr. A.W. Siddiqui (Chief Executive) keeps the record of building his career through hands-on training and experience in pipeline construction, supervision and project management. He enjoys his reputation of being country's first and foremost NDT Inspector and contributes in pioneering efforts on introducing Non-Destructive Testing Services to the local industry through the old name INSPECTION & RECLAMATION SERVICES (PAK) LIMITED back in 1962.

Mr. A.W. Siddiqui has the honor of organizing the first ever indigenous construction crew in Pakistan through one of the largest company: SGTC in Pakistan. He was deployed as Senior Spread Superintendent by Pak Arab Refinery Limited for Construction Supervision of 860 km, 16" dia pipeline project from Karachi to Mahmood Kote (Multan) the country`s then largest pipeline project to be completed in one go. He has the honor of being Construction Superintendent for TAMMIMI & FOUAD - READING & BATES CONSTRUCTION LIMITED on several ARAMCO`S pipeline projects in Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia.

Our General Superintendents, General Foremen, Foremen and activity supervisor posses' valid experience of construction from major pipeline projects in Pakistan and abroad. Our General Foreman, when he was a welder possessed all types of qualification. Card issued on different alloys by ARAMCO and trained to weld on LIVE-LINE for Hot Tapping.

Our Welder possesses valid qualification cards tested as per SECTION-3 of API-1104 in both welding techniques - VDH & VUH. Our Fabrication Foreman and Fabricator are well versed with all sorts of drawings and specification and can execute their job without the help of Engineer.

Our Engineers exclusively trained for the pipeline are vigilant and perfectionist and that give us recognition as specialist Pipeline Construction Contractor in Pakistan who possesses experience in Survey, Engineering, and Designing on pipeline projects.


Dehydration Plant Kandhkot Gas Field

From 1986 to 1995, A.W.S. & Co was approved as Class "A" Contractors for M/s Pakistan Petroleum Limited and was busy in laying gathering mains, feeder-line and well-head fittings in Sui-Gas Field for more then a decade. We have the honor of being trusted over many GIANT SIZE contractors by PPL for welding SPLIT TEE on LIVE LINE, Laying and Tie-ins of 30" dia Southern Gas Gathering Main to Purification Plant, Fabrication & Installation of Meter Runs for Sui-Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, Installation of Filter Separator and Fabrication work at Dehydration Plant in Sui-Gas Field and Kandh Kote Gas Field.

A.W.S. & Co has undertaken and completed the following projects for Clients:

* Have installed a De-Hydration Plant including 100 MCF Contractor Tower at Kandh Kote Gas Field in the province of Sind, so far the largest Plant installed in the PPL`s history.

* Have supplied and installed Condensate Recovery System, supply and fixing of 4.0 km security fence on compacted earth bund (also constructed by A.W.S. & Co. for permanent Camp/P.F. Area at Kandh Kote.

* Have constructed 80 km of access road to drill site in the country's most difficult terrain, leveled and graded drill site, constructed rig's cellar, bored deep water wells (Nos.3) for CANADA NORTH WEST ENERGY INC. at Mole River, near Sari Sigh Village, province of Sind:

* Have completed a Coating Refurbishment project of 10 km in water logged area for M/s Pak-Arab Refinery Limited in the province of Sind and parallel to River Mighty Indus. Hot Bitumen's Asphalt was applied manually with reinforcement of Fiber-Glass.

* Have supplied and installed Condensate Recovery Unit at Sui-Gas Field and Kandhkot Gas Field.

A.W.S. & Co, have been selected from nine pipeline contractors by OGDC and awarded a project which includes Survey, Engineering, Designing, Construction, Testing & Commissioning for 8 wells of Pirkoh Gas Field network : 16" dia Gathering Mains, 8" dia Feederlines measuring 28 kms and Well-head fittings for Pirkoh Gas Company a wholly owned subsidiary of Oil & Gas Development Corporation of Pakistan. This project was rated by the pipeline industry as country`s most difficult project Geo-politically. We had tough fight with 28 km of rock cliffs, built R.O.W. at 1:10 slope, laid pipeline and brought gathering system into operation. The project has been much appreciated by OGDC and operating without giving any problem to-date.


Rarely available with the matchless combination of experience in the field of Inspection, Construction, Engineering and project management, we are capable of doing Engineering and Designing in addition to the construction from in-house facilities and eliminated compulsion of foreign consultants for our Clients: M/s Pirkoh Gas Company (Pvt) Limited. For PGCL the company has done survey, prepared drawings, Bills of Material, Material Specification, Bill of Quantities Construction Specifications, Field Reporting PROFORMA for different activities, Welding Procedures, Hydrostatic Testing Procedures, for the project CONSTRUCTION/TIE-IN OF VALLEY WELLS AT PIRKOH GAS FIELD. Construction and Testing of this project was also done by A.W.S. & Co. Our experience is based on laying carbon steel pipeline ranging from 2" through 30" in addition to the welding of Stainless Steel Pipeline, Process Piping involving 10", 8", 3" and 2" diameter plant piping, which was carried out for UTP (now, B. P. Pakistan Production and Exploration Inc) at their Turk Amine Gas Plant, Badin.


250' Wide Canal Crossing GUNIWAH"



Overwhelmed by quality consciousness, our activity supervisor and foreman proceed to work with conviction of the day`s progress asserted in passed evening meeting and come back to the base camp having achieved the required progress. Meeting daily and discuss day`s construction problem prepares the management in advance for possible solution. Our supervisors hence became task specialists.

Each Construction activity is supervised by experienced and competent person, recorded on 'Report Forms', Design to suit individual project depicting man-hours, equipment-hours, quality remarks and other necessary odds and evens. These reports are prepared by activity supervisor, verified by client's representative at site. Hence the documents are prepared which helps verifying PERT-oriented Project schedule, quantity to prepare interim bill and overall view on quality assurance. The work methodology which includes all construction particularly speaks in detail about Welding Procedure Specification, Radiographic Procedure Specification, Tie-in Procedure and Hydrostatic Testing Procedure, helps client to evaluate technical competence for the project. We have developed our own Quality Management System, which is being implemented and practiced by our Q.C. Manager, and Supervisor, which has been approved by our clients for Construction of Cross Country pipeline, station, terminal, and process piping, which meets the requirement of international standard of quality ISO 9002: 1994

Vigilantly watching for international requirement of Health Safety and Environment, the company has also developed HSE Manual which complies requirement of ISO 14001, addressing specific requirement of pipeline construction, analyzing hazards that may require Risk Assessment, Evaluation, Prevention and Control by scheduled audit. This is how we are progressing towards certification of ISO-9000 & OHSAS 14001.