Thinking global, acting local


Mar 14 - 20, 2005




The world has become a global village and as distances shrinking and the market becoming more and more competitive, companies are finding difficulties to generate profits.

Every now and then we hear the concept of globalization, one world, one market. We at NCR believe in the concept of globalization thinking global and acting local. We believe in understanding the needs and requirements of the customers around the world and developing local skills to address these needs by keeping quality at the highest priority. The real question, however, remains, "how to address the needs of the customers?" In order to serve your customer better, you need to know the customer. Companies these days are focusing on collecting information about the customers. Collecting information is just a strategy. Using information to serve the customer is the real challenge.

With the help of NCR's solutions, packaged with experienced professional services, we are providing means to our partners in better understanding and then serving the needs of the customers. We believe in taking each encounter, each transaction with the customer, as an opportunity to make new relationships and to further strengthen the existing ones.

Formed in 1884, NCR Corporation is the pioneer in the field of cash registers. With the passage of time, NCR evolved according to the needs of the customers creating ground breaking technologies. NCR believes in becoming a focused organization settling for nothing but being the best in their areas of business. That is why, NCR is the leading name in the areas of ATMs, call centers and data warehousing. All these solutions work in harmony to give one face to the customer in NCR.


For more than a decade, NCR has been the worldwide leader in Self Service solutions. Our ATMs are permeating every corner of the globe, including 'off-premise' locations such as grocery stores and transportation terminals, dispensing not just money, but tickets and other non-cash offerings. Increasingly, relationship management tools are being integrated into our self-service channels so that ATMs can recognize and respond to the unique requirements of the user.

NCR has recently been named the winner in the Self-Service category of The Banker Technology Awards 2004 for its new ATM technology ASAN. This is the second successive year that NCR has won this prestigious award.

ASAN has a number of important features. It supports wireless connectivity through GPRS and CDMA communication technologies which are best suited for areas with low telecommunications connectivity. Its balanced pressure system and enhanced dust filtration facilitate deployment in non-air-conditioned and dusty environments, while ensuring maximum reliability even in the most challenging environments like that of Pakistan. ASAN ensure availability even during power supply interruptions. ASAN uses NCR's proven APTRA software, so it can run the same application software across entire network, again allowing a lower total cost of ownership.


Strong network infrastructure is the backbone of reliable communication for any organization. The global capabilities of NCR's IT Infrastructure Services bring the customer the benefit of a highly available IT infrastructure. NCR's successful history in delivering business automation solutions provides the inherent strengths to deliver the hardware, software and service elements to meet the IT infrastructure needs. Our service experts can create, implement, manage and maintain an adaptive IT infrastructure, allowing the customer to focus on building valuable business applications. With in-depth expertise in multi-vendor networks, systems, software and security. It is no surprise that many of the world's top technology companies, including Cisco Systems, Dell Computer Corporation, Nortel Networks and Sun Microsystems have chosen NCR as their service partner.

NCR Deployment Services offers a suite of integration and installation services designed to minimize disruptions to the business operations during rollout and maximize the continuous operability of the IT infrastructure. By reducing the hassle of multiple suppliers, NCR lets the customer concentrate on what they do best.


NCR is the only company in the world that has the full suite of Financial Instrument/Cheque processing solutions ranging from Hardware, Software, and necessary Services for full projects rollout. Trademarked ImageMark, this family of solutions enables item-based transactions, both check and remittance, to be digitally captured, processed, and retained in an image warehouse, called ImageMark Archive. It is the dynamic engine for an enterprise-wide image strategy, helping you deliver innovative banking services and build strong customer relationships.

Further, NCR's Payment Solutions business offers a full range of conventional and image transports that allow paper-based item transactions to be captured and imaged for subsequent processing purposes. These transports are available in a full range of speeds and price depending upon the customers' specific requirements.



NCR offers wide array of fully integrated enterprise-wide image solutions, which include Cheque Processing ImageMark Proof & Capture (include Inward and Outward Clearing, Reject Re-entry and Balancing), Signature Verification System, Electronic Document Management/Archive, Remittance Processing System, Cheque Truncation, ECPIX (Electronic Cheque Presentment with Image Exchange), Cheque Personalization (help the banks to issue cheque books immediately).


NCR preaches the idea of enterprise data warehousing whereby information from all the sources is consolidated into a single repository giving the customer a 360 degree view of the business. Information from every level and facet of your organization customer service, sales, marketing, finance, data from the Web, partner and supplier data and much more is collected into an integrated data repository that enables cross functional analytical analysis giving the business users the single version of the truth and facilitating the decision making process. Data in the single repository can easily be mined, shared and, most importantly, used throughout the enterprise. Decision makers are empowered with the kind of knowledge that can help them make better decisions, implement faster, and ultimately boost the bottom line

Teradata's high-performance database, with its supporting tools, utilities and robust data mining capabilities, can give a company a huge competitive advantage by harnessing both their operational and historical detail data into a centralized data warehouse. Teradata integrates process-friendly analytical tools that show you the customer's value with automated, rules-driven, event-based communications across all channels. Teradata customer management solutions are industry-specific and implemented in days, not months.

NCR is the global leader of enterprise data warehousing and analytical tools, having installed very large data warehouses more than all of our competitors combined, including 120 that are one terabyte or larger in size. Its best-in-class technology and vast data warehousing experience, it's no wonder that the world's most successful companies rely on Teradata to provide their organization with a single source of accurate and consistent data. Teradata is the data warehouse of choice for six of the world's top ten retailers, seven of the world's top nine telecommunications companies, six of the world's top seven airlines, and 15 of the world's top 50 banks.


Growing organizations are exploring new ways to develop relationships with the customers. As the customer base increases, it becomes more difficult to provide personalized service. Call Center solution is one way to ensure that customer concerns are being heard and properly addressed. Traditionally, call center is a place which has dense inflow and outflow of calls. NCR does not merely provide means of receiving customer calls but provides a platform where all sort of communication can take place between the seller and the customer. This channel can then be used to provide information to the customer and to address their concerns.

NCR's contact system relies on state-of-the-art technology driven by strong business strategies. NCR provides CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) based contact center that integrates data with voice. ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) allows huge-volumes calls and routes them to the appropriate place. Other call center components may include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which enables the customer to receive information and select options to his/her own convenience IVR. The calls are further addressed by call center agents who have the facility to view customer information and address their queries through the agent desktop application. Additionally, customers have the ability to contact the agent through web chat and e-mail.

NCR specializes in providing turn key call center solution across industries to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Partnering with industry leaders (such as Nortel, Lucent, Genesys, etc), NCR provides integrated call center solutions that enables companies to stay in touch with their customers round the clock.


The future of your company hinges on how well it interacts, connects and relates with the customer. We can help with technology and service that turn information into knowledge, knowledge into understanding and understanding into relationships. NCR transforming transactions into relationships.

About the Author: Naveed Khan is working as Account Director with Teradata, a Division of NCR. Naveed has been associated with NCR for over three years. His previous experience of working as Business Consultant helped him in better understanding the multiple business areas of various industries. Currently he is focusing on Telecommunication Industry in Pakistan. His solution offering portfolio includes customer relationship management, system integration and data warehousing.