Mar 14 - 20, 2005



"BUSH SHOULD NOT PUT ALL HIS EGGS IN MUSH'S BASKET. There had been two attacks on Gen. Musharraf and though one hope not, there could be another. The US should not put its trust in a single individual."

(Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto warns in a press conference in Washington during her much talked about and significant visit to USA)

"NOT A SINGLE TICKET HAS BEEN SOLD IN KARACHI for any cricket match in India, there have been many queries from the residents of Karachi but almost all of 3,000 tickets have been bought by people in Lahore or surrounding areas."

(Indian authorities told a press briefing in New Delhi that banks in Karachi have returned all the tickets due to poor response from Karachi)

"We have arrested six people from (Baloch Colony) Karachi; THEY ARE HIGHLY TRAINED AND SUPPORTED BY INDIA'S INTELLIGENCE AGENCY RAW. They have confessed the bomb attacks on train tracks and communications installations and inciting sectarianism."

( Daily Times reported in its March, 4. publication quoting Sindh Inspector General Asad Jehangir Khan)

"OUR STAND IS NO PRESIDENT IN UNIFORM, as of now. I had communicated its viewpoint to the government in clear terms; it was now for the government to reveal its hand."

(Benazir Bhutto commenting over contacts and deals with Musharraf Government) "American jails in Iraq are bursting with detainees. Many of them are innocent civilians and are becoming the main incubators for terrorists and insurgents. So you've got to have good intelligence in the prisons to process the prisoners quickly and efficiently."

(EDWARD WONG, the journalist, reveals after an arranged tour of media men to Abu Gharib jail in Baghdad)

"A 12-minute film on huge screen revealed a bizarre world of Michael Jackson."

(UK's Yorkshire Evening Post reported giving detail of his bedroom which was a wooden baby's cot, clustered with toys, photos of children and life-size models of Superman, Batman and Star Wars figures, huge white marble statues and a mannequin of a boy about six standing next to a life-size model of Daffy Duck)



"The situation in Balochistan province is like situation in East Pakistan before separation in 1971, when people felt powerless and un-represented, insurgencies erupted."

(Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who is now in self exile talking to media in Washington DC)

"Pakistan has a long plan to build road and rail links with Central Asian states and a pipeline to carry gas from Turkmenistan but instability in Afghanistan has kept these projects from getting off the ground."

(President Pervez Musharraf said during his visit to Tashkent and assuring that he would not allow Uzbek terrorists to use his country's territory to launch attacks on the ex-Soviet nation)

"I have also returned to sue those who have leveled allegations against me; I will work in Indian movies in future as well."

(Pakistani actress Meera outburst before reporters at Karachi airport on her arrival from Mumbai after the shooting of Indian director Mahesh Bhat's movie, Nazar, in which she performed some obscene roles)

"Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) made losses worth Rs 10.26 billion in 2002, but showed that it had earned a pre-tax profit of Rs 1.8 billion against a pre-tax loss of Rs 2.2 billion."

(Daily Times - Site Edition Karachi reported The Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) disclosure in an explosive report adding that, the correct position needs to be incorporated into the accounts)

"Asia, specifically India and Pakistan as well as China, is potential threat and source of instability."

(The US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, in one of its rare open hearings)

"I must be guaranteed political space in Pakistan again."

(Washington Times quoting Benazir Bhutto who at a private visit to Washington discussing her political future at a dinner at the home of Esther Coopersmith, the grand dame of diplomatic soirees)