Mar 14 - Mar 20, 2005 
ISSUE # 11 

Trans-border energy proliferation through pipelines is likely to drive immense of scale of mutual interests in a vast region of this glob during the 21st century. Asian energy security, which exerts direct influence on the economy, society, and national security of all countries in the region, is an important common issue that confronts all Asian countries in this era. It is no longer a national issue in the present global scenario, and thus somehow not easier for a single country to handle the energy problems on its own.





The National Assembly has passed the historic bill the fiscal responsibility and debt limitation bill aims at elimination of revenue deficit and reduction of public debt to a prudent level through effective public debt management.
Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz introduced the bill as a finance minister in 2003 to put in place a sound fiscal discipline and help Pakistan come out of its decade's old poor financial managed system. The bill was so comprehensive and made such eminent sense that the whole house including opposition had no particular grounds to criticize it. Spelling out rationale and importance of the bill, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz observed that the fiscal responsibility and debt limitation bill would help eliminate revenue deficit and reduce public debt through effective debt management.

The overwhelming response to initial public offering of Kot Addu Power Company should be an eye opener for those who were critical of government's divestment policy. They opposed the divestment policy on the premise that the market did not have the appetite. Earlier they were also proved incorrect when National Bank, OGDC, SSGC and PPL, offerings were oversubscribed. Keeping in view the tremendous public response, the government must revisit its Privatization Policy.