An international telecom player reposes confidence in Pakistan as a potential country for investment in large scale projects

From Shamim Ahmed Rizvi,

Feb 28 - Mar 06, 2005



Telenor Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of Telenor ASA, the Norwegian mobile telecommunication operator and an international leader in telecommunications has recognized Pakistan as a country with enormous potential for investment in large scale project.

The trust shown by this international telecom player in the country as well as its economic policies, however, was not one side as the attractive rate of return and consistency in policies was yet another confidence building factor to attract foreign investment in Pakistan.

Talking informally at the inauguration ceremony of the newly formed Telenor headquarter, Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari, the Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecom Sector, has appreciated the trust shown by Telenor, which has set an example by bringing 100 percent investment in the country and recognizing Pakistan as a potential country having large scale projects.

The idea behind the government policy to award two licenses last year was to bring healthy competition in the fastest growing telecom sector especially the cellular industry and help provide wider options to the customers.

The Federal Minister for IT & Telecom, Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari who unveiled the Telenor Pakistan logo was the chief guest on the occasion. He was accompanied by the Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan Janis Bjorn Kanavin and the President & CEO of Telenor Pakistan, Tore Johnsen.

The guests were given a presentation of Telenor's branding pogramme followed by a move around Telenor Sales and Services Centre.

While proceeding around the sales and service center, Tore Johnsen, CEO, Telenor Pakistan said, "We intend to transfer the experience and technology that Telenor brings from around the world to the Pakistani community. The concept, designing, operations methodology and customer-friendly approach at our sales and service centers will be a symbol of the same spirit likely to be introduced in Pakistan. "The investment we will undertake in establishing such sales and service centers nationwide is evidence to the fact that we have full confidence in the country's governance, the stability in its policies, and the capabilities of its people. This is why we are here to stay and add value to our company, this country and to its people."

Earlier this year, the company's first call centre was inaugurated in Lahore on international design which ensuring professional and personal attitude development. The centre is working to promote and educate matured social surrounding with a positive and moderate mindset.

On April 14, 2004 Telenor acquired a 15-year nationwide GSM license in Pakistan. At present this license for mobile operation includes GSM, BPRS and EDGE. Telenor's Pakistani company will launch a world-class mobile service platform including multimedia services from April 1, 2005. The license terms stipulate that Telenor will cover 70 percent of Pakistan's 297 administrative Tehsil headquarters. Telenor will naturally at least fulfill the license requirements by providing superior quality coverage and promoting healthy competition in the mobile market.

The decision to make a bid on a mobile license in Pakistan last year was in line with the declared strategy. With a financial strength, experiences and ambitions in the region, Telenor's Pakistani mobile operator will have headquarter in Islamabad and regional offices in Karachi and Lahore, Tore Johnsen said adding, "acquiring the license in Pakistan is a continuation of Telenor's activities in Asia. Historically Telenor has successfully focused on start up of Greenfield mobile operations."

Telenor's success is its people. It is with the long-term, strategic vision that they have invested in capacity building and human resource development in Pakistan, along with offering employment opportunities. They are here to stay and add value to themselves, their company and to their community. Such resource is indeed an asset for its lifetime.



Telenor has adopted a local pattern to be part of its Pakistani identity. Inspired from and reflective of the Pakistani culture and art, this pattern portrays the brand's global philosophy 'think global act local'. Although Telenor is an international player, it gives a lot of importance to understanding the local culture and respecting the local heritage to adopt it as part of its local identity.

The slogan for Telenor's launch in Pakistan is: Expect More as people have a right to expect more in life. Whether it is a better lifestyle, growth for themselves and their families or better services and products that they can rely on.

Telenor is here to set new standards of service and reliability in the industry. With Telenor, people can expect more and this will be a challenge for the company in line with its philosophy to deliver more. The slogan given by Telenor certainly brings a fresh air in the suffocation of excessive commercialization all around.