Feb 14 - Feb 20, 2005 
ISSUE # 07 

The telecom accompanied by IT sector is likely to attract $15 billion investment in the next few years. The World Bank projects forthcoming investment around $8 to 10 billion, while the local market players have their own assessment of $5-8 billion in Pakistan telecom market.
If these projected figures were not exaggerated, this newly emerged sector would certainly contribute significantly to the economic growth besides lending a substantial support to the exchequer as every call made through mobile phone generates revenue in the form of taxes and duties.

The credit for phenomenal growth, which promises a pleasant change in social and economic life of a common man, however, goes to the present team of the economic managers.





BMA Capital Management has launched Pakistan's first government bond index and it is called BMA-PGBI. It comprises of all outstanding government bonds with maturity of greater than one year. Whilst the index was formally launched on February 7, the computation commenced from 1st January 2004. The index is weighted by market capitalization and reflects the market performance on total return basis of bonds issued by the government, which are available for investment.

The postponement of 13th SAARC summit which was to be held on Feb 6-7, 2005 in Dhaka, has disappointed the member countries. Being the Chairman of the SAARC, Pakistan's Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had to announce the postponement after consultation with Bangladesh. In fact, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had declined to participate because of political turnout in Nepal and deteriorating security situation in the host country, Bangladesh.