Feb 07 - 13, 2005



Begum Shahida Azim, President 'Mashal,' a non-governmental organization (NGO), has said counseling is, in fact, an effort on the part of an institution to assist the students in acquiring those values, attitude, skills and experiences which will enable them to maximize their opportunity for life-long academic, career and personal development.

She said this while addressing a distinguished gathering of educationists and intellectuals attending a seminar on "Student Counseling in Private Sector Higher Education" organised by Preston University at its campus in Islamabad, recently.




Begum Shahida Azim, during her address on the occasion further commented that counseling is an extremely important and useful tool in the hands of the counselors engaged in the process of counseling in the educational institutions. She said there is a dire need to put a professional team of counselors in place at the educational institutions for providing proper guidance and advice to their students to enable them to excel in their educational and practical careers.


LG Electronics' 42 inch premium PDP, RZ-42PY10 was chosen as the world best plasma TV in terms of quality and high-end technology by Big Screen', a prominent test organization in Sweden.

Big Screen' described this 42 inch plasma as a 'perfect treasure' and recommended it without hesitation to people who are looking to buy plasma with tremendous picture quality for DVD and digital TV.

Christer Bengtsson, the tester for 'Big Screen', said that he tested the RZ-42PY10 with HD TV material and that the picture was so good that he could not even describe it in words. Also he added if one connects his new PC with the RZ-42PY10, they will reach image heaven.

In addition to the picture quality, the RZ-42PY10 was highly valued for its elegant design. It was said that this plasma is a really nice looking piece of furniture and, without doubt, will look great in all homes that wishes for a big TV on the wall.



Furthermore, when it comes to the contrast ratings, something the industry has started to use as a weapon in marketing, the contrast of RZ-42PY10 screen is leading the market and produces a picture so dynamically that it almost make viewers fall over.

Also mentioned was its easy and simple use, burn-in washing function, picture in picture, and rich sound. 'Big Screen' made a conclusion that if someone is thinking about buying plasma, it can without hesitation recommend LG's RZ-42PY10 which presents such an incredibly good picture quality at a reasonable price.