Jan 17 - 30, 2005

"The Gulf region has one of the worst reputations in the world for mistreating housemaids."



(Dr Rima Al Sabban a UAE researcher discovered)

"We are truly trying to get the message out of this region, which is under a cloud in the Western eye. The world is too small to divide it over religious or racial boundaries."

(Shaikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who is racing against time to launch a music production that 'could change' the West's perception of this part of the world)

"The war against Rumsfeld is a dangerous illusion."

(A recent Gulf News analysis)

"Stopping construction of dam is something that India can do. This is a minimal step. It is absolutely clear that there are differences between India and Pakistan and therefore until we find an amicable settlement or resolution of this dispute, and until we do that, India should stop work, or suspend work."

(Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Masood Khan said in weekly news conference)

Over the past years, the Saudi authorities returned to Yemen more than 4,000 children, both boys and girls, who were smuggled into the Makkah and Madina Cities and we caught begging in various places. The problem is particularly acute during the Hajj and Ramazan, the two seasons that attract the largest number of pilgrims from all over the world."

(Prince Abdul Majeed Bin Abdul Aziz, Makkah Governor disclosed while talking to journalists)

"The media must play a major role in reform and change in the Arab world."

(General Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum)

"The US trade deficit of this magnitude is not good the problem is how do you tell these countries like China to change when they are funding the U.S. government. We'd like the Chinese to change their currency rate and at the same time continue to lend to us."

(Richard DeKaser, chief economist at the National City Corporation)

"By 2020, Arab region will have almost doubled its population and we will need hundreds of thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars to spend on infrastructure. Above all we need the global citizen someone who wants to be a traveler on the road of life and not a mere bystander."

(Speakers at the Arab Strategy Forum held in Dubai last month under the title of the Arab world in the year 2020)

"Should we send these bachelor laborers into space? This idea is not implemented by any country in the world."

(Sharp comments and reaction from different folk of lives as UAE authorities would draft a law setting up special townships for foreign bachelor laborers amid concerns about the imbalance in the demographic structure and a rise in the crime rate)

"I am impressed by the "levels of creativity" found in Pakistani Television Productions."

(Indian actress Divya Dutta who is in the Pakistan to shoot a television serial, adding that she was "enjoying the experience)

"My family has asked me to resign, I think I will, and other people will too, as the elections get closer."

(An Iraqi, hired for elections duties nervously puffing on cigarette commenting on Iraqi Elections)

"Women who convert to Islam and wear the hijab (headscarf) at work are being fired."

(A Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs spokesman said adding that we cannot penalize the offenders because there is no clause in the Labour law that takes into account these kinds of cases)

"The tsunami disaster has provided a 'unique opportunity' for launching an integrated psychological, ecological, agronomic and livelihood rehabilitation programme."



(A famed agricultural Indian Scientist Dr M. S. Swaminathan)

"700,000 secret marriages in Egypt, 12,000 of which are being handled in the courts."

(A recent Official statistics estimate disclosed)

"I have never seen such utter destruction, mile after mile. You wonder, where are the people?"

(Kofi Annan told reporters after a helicopter tour with World Bank chief James Wolfensohn over Aceh on the northern tip of tsunami-hit Sumatra)

"No one in the US government was more aggressive in calling attention to and dealing with the threat of terrorism prior to 9/11 than was George Tenet."

(Harlow said in e-mail to the Los Angeles Times)

"The United States started by offering some $20 million (Dh73 million), or some such equally stupid figure. It now wants to save the world by raising that to some hundred million dollars. How much is the United States spending on the military occupation of Iraq every day? Would a figure of $1billion 'Dh3.67 billion' a day surprise, perhaps shock you?"

(M. J. Akbar the Editor of The Asian Age criticizing in his article in Gulf News)