Isbah Shafquat
World's youngest Microsoft Certified C# Programmer

Jan 17 - 30, 2005



Isbah Shafquat, yet another wonderful daughter of Dr. Shafqat who added another feather to the cap of proud father of three daughters all holding the world records in the cutting edge Information Technology.

Following Afsah's footsteps her two sisters Isbah Shafquat and Afrah Shafquat joined Operation Badar. At the time of joining they were the students of Class IX and Class V respectively. The three sister's world's youngest Java students created world records in software languages.

Isbah, the eldest of the three, passed her matriculation from White House Grammar School. At the age of 16 while she was studying in Intermediate (pre-engineering) she got through the Microsoft's exam for C# which is commonly known as C-sharp which gave her the title of world's youngest programmer in C-sharp language and so she waved the flag of country on the world map.

Spelling out her passion, which forced to create history, Isbah said that when she started C#, there were not many people who knew what it really mean because it was new. In fat I accept it as a challenge to learn C-sharp and also to teach it which can be described as a motivation behind my success. When asked why this record was not carried by Guinness Book, she said that this record was in fact specified Guinness people accommodate only generalized records.

Sharing with her experiences about reaction of the people on winning this world record, Isbah said actually it was anticipated by the people in view of distinctions already achieved by her younger sisters, however, they were happy and reacted with warm affections.

Regarding growth of Information Technology and its future in Pakistan, Isbah was of the view that we have the potential which promise a bright future of the country in Information Technology which has change the course of history in the field of telecommunication and a large number of other economic areas.

As far as her own contribution was concerned, she said with a sense of confidence that she was trying to improve the quality of students by imparting knowledge to the students and hopefully a crop of quality graduate would soon be ready to give the best to this country.

Regarding her future plans, she said that she was planing to become Microsoft Certified Application Developer ( and Microsoft Certified Solution Development (MCSD.Net) "I have a target in my mind to do MS and after than Ph.D.

Paying tributes to Isbah on the glittering success, Bill Richardson, Vice President of Sun Educational Services has said that the challenging examination passed by Isbah was designed to ensure that only those of sufficient understanding and skill would be certified. By passing the exam, Isbah has demonstrated understanding and skill with the Java programming language and thus merit certification.

In addition to this accomplishment, she had chosen to be certified by Sun Microsystems Inc. the owner of the Java brand technology and the leader in platform-independent technology. Such remark by a professional of course an assets for Isbah to walk with a sense of confidence in her personal and professional life.

It may be recalled that at ITCN Asia 2001, three little girls, were called up on a very big stage in front of hundreds of IT delegates from all over the world. However, Isbah and her sisters were confident and proud of their abilities and they only tuned a little bit red when the audience applauded them and the photoflashes exploded in their eyes.



Though Isbah was not a record holder at that occasion and she was actually accompanying her young sister who had won the world record, but the occasion inspired her to achieve the status of a record holder, the saying goes true that nothing succeeds like success. It was the unprecedented success of her young sister which probably the real driving force to carve her name in the world Information Technology.

Her success in fact resulted in headlines of the print media the world over. Commenting on her success, Ziaullah Khan, the founder of Operation Badar in Pakistan said, "all three sisters Afrah, Isbah and Afsah are Badarians. Their coding skills are better than some PhDs in the program."

The brilliance of Isbah in fact is symbolic in the sense that we have the potential, our younger generation has the grit to deliver at the world level, the only thing which is required to harvest a rich crop is right direction provided to our younger generation to show their ability.

Time is not far away, those young talents like Isbah will represent the country at the world level and bring a good name for the country and the nation, Inshallah.