Jan 10 - 16, 2005




Javedan Cement formerly Valika Cement is located in the North of Karachi, its installation work started in 1961 and completed in 1969. The installation was executed by expert engineering firms of Pakistan. The machinery for the cement plant was supplied by M/s. Krupp Polysius of West Germany. The first production unit with a 500 tonnes/day capacity came into production in 1964. Subsequently another unit of 500 tonnes/day was commissioned in 1965 increasing the total production capacity of the cement plant to 1000 tonnes/day.

Under the Economic Reforms Order of 1972 the cement plant was nationalised. Javedan Cement Limited has a good reputation within the country on account of its better quality cement. Javedan Cement contributed in satisfying the cement demand of Karachi and its suburbs.

In view of the constant increase in demand of cement, the State Cement Corporation decided for expansion of the Javedan Cement to double its capacity. The expansion plant was based on the latest technology of cement manufacture involving suspension preheater and short dry process kiln. This was the first ever dry process plant installed in Pakistan. Therefore, a team of engineers was trained on various aspects of the latest technology in the United States. The expansion project was completed and started production during 1979-80.

The process control of the new plant is based on computer and sophisticated electronic gadgets backed up by X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer. With the help of computerization & process control a high quality cement is produced, which not only excels the local standard specifications but also exceeds the international standard specification for cement.

Apart from production of Ordinary Portland cement manufacturing of Blast Furnace Slag Cement was started in 1983 so that the consumers could benefit from a cheaper building material. Slag cement while having similar properties of ordinary Portland cement is superior in resistance to sulphate attacks and saline water. Slag Cement has gained popularity particularly for its application in foundation, civil structures and masonry work.

Another breakthrough was made when manufacturing of Sulphate Resisting Cement was started in 1987. Raw materials available in the Quarry have been used in the manufacturing of SRC. Javedan Cement has thus beenable to meet the demand of SRC of Karachi and its adjoining areas. Javedan Cement is the pioneer in manufacturing three types of cement in Pakistan.

Javedan Cement while satisfying part of the demand for cement in the country has contributed in providing job opportunities to over 800 families directly. There has been an indirect employment of a large number of people of Manghopir and adjoining areas as well. Thus Javedan Cement is playing its due role in nation building and uplift of the people.